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This page was last updated on October 17, 2022.

From about 1998 to October 2013, Andre Kristopans maintained a personal web site where he had compiled the serial numbers and other builder data for railroad locomotives and other equipment built by Electro Motive Corporation and Electro Motive Division of General Motors, as well as its international licensees.

The web site was hosted by the free WebTV service (MSN TV after 2001), which Microsoft shut down effective October 1, 2013. (see links at bottom of page for Read more about WebTV/MSN TV)

The following series of web pages have been assembled from three different sources: 1) files obtained from Andre via email during early September 2014; 2) files harvested from the Internet Archives Wayback Machine; and 3) pages harvested from a group of pages at

Andre Kristopans wrote the following as an introduction to his original WebTV web site:

Welcome. What I am attempting to do in this page is to put together an all-inclusive General Motors locomotive production listing as originally delivered. I was motivated by the fact that I have been putting together these lists from Product Reference Manuals, X2200S, LNII, etc. and decided to share them with the world.

Much data came from P. Allen Copeland, Sean Graham-White and Martin Baumann. Larry Russell's EMD Export Page's photos helped identify many export units as to model. Overseas licensee lists are from all over, including Phillip Graham-originated lists, several Scandinavian railfan sites, including the "GM Locomotives in Europe" and A. Scmit's ABB and NOHAB site, John Cleverdon's Australian Locomotive Page, Christer Goransson, RobertoYommi, Joao Bosco Setti, Steve Palermo, Philip Wormald, Gustavo Bonetto, Alessandro Albe and others I might have forgotten.

Most operator names have been Anglicized. Within each series, locomotives are listed in serial number order, with GMD following EMD. Overseas licensee production is shown by licensee in separate sections. Thanks!


EMD Locomotives

EMD ORDER NUMBERS -- A short history of EMD order numbers

EMC RAILCARS -- Rail motor cars and trailers built by Electro Motive Corporation (1924-1936). (May 11, 2018)

SWITCHERS (201A and 567) -- EMC and EMD switchers powered by Winton's 201A engine and EMC/EMD's 567 engine (1939-1966) (July 24, 2018)

SWITCHERS (645) -- EMD switchers powered by EMD's 645 engine (1966-1987)

ROAD SWITCHERS - 567 -- EMD GP7/GP9 through GP3/SD35/DD35 locomotives (1949-1966)

PASSENGER UNITS -- EMD E-units (1939-1963)

FREIGHT CAB UNITS -- EMD F-units (1939-1960)

ODDBALLS -- Things that don't quite fit elsewhere. (plain text file) (new listings, October 5, 2017)

"40" SERIES -- EMD GP38/SD38, GP39, GP40/SD40, SD45/F45/FP45 and DDA40X locomotives (1966-1972) (September 11, 2014)

"DASH 2" SERIES -- EMD Dash 2 Series locomotives (1972-1992) (October 28, 2017)

"50" SERIES -- EMD GP50/SD50 Locomotives (1978-1986)

"60" and "70" SERIES -- EMD GP60/SD60, SD70, and other 60 Series-era and 70 Series-era locomotives (1984-2012) (October 11, 2022)

REPOWERED LOCOMOTIVES -- EMD's efforts at installing the 567 motor in non-EMD locomotives in the 1950's and 60's

REPAIR JOBS -- Major wreck/fire repair jobs at EMD's LaGrange plant.

TRADE-IN JOBS -- Locomotives traded to EMD, 1952-1961

Other Builders

MOTIVEPOWER INC (Boise ID) -- Formerly Boise Locomotive, originally Morrison-Knudsen

GM-EMD Export Locomotives

GM EXPORT MODELS, PAGE 1 -- A Basic Description (plain text file)

GM EXPORTS, 1946-2016 -- A listing of GM export locomotives built using EMD's 567 and 645 diesel engines. (October 11, 2022)

GM EXPORTS, 1997-2020 -- A listing of GM export locomotives built using EMD's 710 diesel engine. (October 11, 2022)

GM-EMD Licensee Information

ASTILLEROS ARGENTINOS RIO DE LA PLATA SA (ASTARSA) -- GM locomotives built in Argentina.

BRUSH -- GM locomotives built in Great Britian.

CLYDE ENGINEERING CO. -- GM locomotives built in Australia.

DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE WORKS -- GM locomotives built in India.

DURO DAKOVIC -- GM locomotives built in Yugoslavia (Croatia).

EQUIPAMENTOS VILLARES -- GM locomotives built in Brazil.

GENERAL MOTORS DIESEL DIVISION, LTD. -- GM locomotives built in Canada.

GENERAL MOTORS SOUTH AFRICA -- GM locomotives built in South Africa.

HENSCHEL & SOHN GmbH -- GM locomotives built in Germany.

HYUNDAI ROLLING STOCK CO. -- GM locomotives built in Korea. (May 4, 2018)

LYUDINOVO WORKS -- GM locomotives built in Russia.

MATERIAL Y CONSTRUCCIONES SA (MACOSA) -- GM locomotives built in Spain.

NYDQVIST OCH HOLM AKTIEBOLAG (NOHAB) -- GM locomotives built in Sweden.

SOCIETE ANGLO-FRANCO-BELGE (SAFB) -- GM locomotives built in Belgium.

TULOMSAS -- GM locomotives built in Eskisehir, Turkey.

Bus Data

Andre's Bus and Transit Index -- A separate index for bus and transit data, including light rails systems, compiled by Andre Kristopans

Bus Data on the web -- An index page with links to web pages for additional bus data, including VIN data

More Information

Andre Kristopans pages at Internet Archive's Wayback Machine -- Not all pages are available; some were archived as far back as 2001, others were archived in September 2013, just before Web TV/MSN TV was shut down.

Wikipedia Web TV/MSN TV article

Google search for news of the shut down of WebTV/MSN TV