Bingham Equipment Diagrams

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From its earliest years, Utah Copper and its Bingham & Garfield subsidiary created equipment diagrams to help its maintenance and shop crews identify the components used on the various types of equipment, such as vendor names, vendor part numbers, and specifications.

The equipment diagrams also included information such as weights and measurements for the equipment, as well as the builder or source, and the dates that the equipment was built or acquired.

Like most railroads, the equipment diagrams of Utah Copper and Bingham & Garfield were usually created on linen by engineering draftsmen, and these linens were used to create blueprint copies, which were then cut down and bound, or otherwise assembled in to "books" for distribution to employees who needed them. At times, updates and changes were distributed.

Diagram Books

(These diagrams are images that are part of the UtahRails photo albums.)

B&G - Utah Copper Diagrams, Book 1 -- An early version of the combined Utah Copper and B&G diagram book. (also available as a PDF, 52 pages, 12.2 MB)

B&G - Utah Copper Diagrams, Book 2 -- A later version of the combined Utah Copper and B&G diagram book. (also available as a PDF, 139 pages, 34.8 MB)

Kennecott Diagrams -- Just a few pages from the later Kennecott Copper diagram book, copied in the mid 1980s at Dry Forks shops. (also available as a PDF, 11 pages, 3.0 MB)


Kennecott Drawings -- Enhanced drawings of Kennecott's 700- and 800-class mine locomotives, and the seven mainline electric locomotives, based on the diagrams (these drawings were completed in the mid 1980s) (also available as a PDF, 3 pages, 0.8 MB)