D&RGW Industry Trackage

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Here is a series of track diagram mps showing industry tracks, and general track arrangements for D&RGW tracks in Utah.

Utah Maps

Utah Industry Trackage

There are 121 maps, arranged from east to west -- Grand Junction to Ogden. The coverage of the various yards, branches, and spurs is relatively complete.

These Utah maps come from three separate sources:

The original Utah track maps book from the 1955-1956 era

A later Utah track maps book with a few industry maps identified

A later (ca. 1962) book that was dedicated solely to industry tracks

Several of the maps were revised, and where possible all versions are included to show the changes.

Included are the portions of the former Salt Lake & Utah, and former Bamberger in Salt Lake City, purchased and operated by D&RGW after these two lines were abandoned.