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Rio Grande in Utah

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This group of pages includes information about Denver & Rio Grande, and all its variations -- D&RG, RGW, and D&RGW.

Rio Grande in Utah, before 1908

Denver & Rio Grande Railway (in Colorado) ( 1870-1880) -- Information about D&RG in Colorado, before it came to Utah.

Scofield Railroads -- Information about the three railroads controlled by Charles W. Scofield; controlled by D&RGW in 1880 and sold to D&RGW in 1882-1883.

Denver & Rio Grande Western Railway (1881-1889) -- Information about the original Rio Grande lines in Utah, until the organization of the Rio Grande Western

Rio Grande Western Railway (1889-1908) -- Information about the D&RGW after it was reorganized to be converted to standard gauge.

RGW Westward from Tintic -- Information about Rio Grade Western's planned extension westward from Silver City in the Tintic mining district. RGW completed its tracks to Eureka in early December 1891, then to Silver City in mid May 1892. Then in early July through mid September 1892, there were news stories about a completed survey west from Silver City to the Deep Creek mining district. The grade was completed as far south as the old Tintic mills near today's McIntyre on the UP, as well in a couple strategic spots to occupy them before UP could. It all came to an end with the Silver Crash of late 1893.

Rio Grande in Utah, after 1908

Rio Grande In Utah 1908 to 1988 -- An index page of information about Denver & Rio Grande in Utah, from 1908 to the SP merger of 1988.

Rio Grande In Utah 1988 to 1996 (as part of SP) -- A chronological listing and research notes of events and history on D&RGW trackage and locations in Utah from 1988 to 1996. I call this Rio Grande's Merger Era. This was when D&RGW was associated with Southern Pacific.

Rio Grande In Utah After 1996 (as part of UP) -- A chronological listing and research notes of major events on and around former D&RGW trackage and locations, after control of D&RGW and SP by Union Pacific in September 1996.

Ogden Gateway Case -- Information about the series of ICC orders, and court decisions that directly affected D&RGW and its interchange partners at Ogden, Utah.

Grant Tower -- Information about the interchange trackage and control interlocking tower, built by D&RGW in 1944, centrally located in Salt Lake City, and which today serves the combined operations of Union Pacific and Utah Transit Authority.

Other Rio Grande in Utah Information

Rio Grande Western, Standard Gauged (1890) -- Information from the January and November 1890 issues of Railroad gazette, about the RGW being converted to standard gauge.

Rio Grande, West Of Grand Junction -- A summary of all of the Rio Grande stations and sidings along Rio Grande's main line in Utah. (incomplete, work continues)

D&RGW Utah Branches -- Four sheets of dates for all of D&RGW's branches in Utah. The information is for all the branches, proposed, completed and not completed, and includes the branch name, its mileage, the dates it was "commissioned", located (surveyed), and completed. There are several lines that were not constructed. I have had these sheets since the copies were given to me by Jim Ozment back in August 1982, and just came across them as I cleanup all the "stuff" I have accumulated over the years.

Rio Grande in Utah - Branchline Summary -- A summary of all of the Rio Grande branch lines in Utah.

Rio Grande In Utah - Marysvale Branch -- Information about Rio Grande's Marysvale Branch in central Utah; includes the San Pete Valley Railway.

Rio Grande In Utah - Park City Branch -- Information about Rio Grande's Park City Branch, east of Salt Lake City; includes links to predecessor roads, and later Sugar House Branch.

Rio Grande In Utah - Sunnyside Branch -- Information about Rio Grande's Sunnyside Branch in eastern Utah.

Rio Grande In Utah - Tintic Branches -- Information about the Rio Grande branches in the Tintic area, including updates for the lines since abandonment.

Rio Grande's Salt Lake City Yards -- Information about the main yard in Salt Lake City, and the later Roper yard.

Rio Grande's Roper Yard -- An article by Paul Welsh, describing Roper yard where he worked in 1959-1965.

D&RGW Thistle -- A Google Map of Thistle, showing the old line and the new line after the 1983 flood.

D&RGW Syracuse Branches -- A Google Map of the Syracuse-area branches and spurs in north Davis County.

D&RGW System Maps -- Single page images of various D&RGW system maps

D&RGW Condensed Track Profiles -- Pages from D&RGW's Condensed Profile books for the Salt Lake Division in 1923 and 1934, and for the entire system in 1969.

D&RGW Employee Timetables -- A summary of D&RGW's Utah lines by using the employee timetables from 1938 through to the SP era after 1988.

D&RGW Utah Industry Trackage -- A series of track diagram maps showing D&RGW industry trackage in Utah (and Colorado).

"When Thistle Vanished" -- An article by Hol Wagner about the Thistle slide of April 1983, taken from Trains magazine, July 1983. (used with the author's permission)

Copper Plant Accident -- The ICC report of the March 5, 1912 accident at the Copper Plant Spur, just north of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Cuprum Accident -- The ICC report of the February 15, 1912 accident at Cuprum Yard, in Bingham Canyon, Utah.

Thistle Accident -- The ICC report of the October 14, 1914 accident at Thistle, Utah.

Soldier Summit Accident -- The ICC report of the October 16, 1917 accident at Soldier Summit, Utah.

Rio Grande in Utah, General Notes

Utah Copper Trackage Agreements -- Information about joint trackage agreements between D&RGW and Utah Copper, transcribed from Agreement cards on file at D&RGW Utah Division offices in August 1983

Rio Grande Rail Trail -- Lynn Arave's article in Deseret News about the Rio Grande Rail Trail in Davis and Weber counties.

Rio Grande Signals -- Information about signal systems used by Rio Grande in Utah.

Kaiser Unit Coal Trains -- Information about the unit coal trains that ran between Kaiser's coal mine at Sunnyside, Utah, and Kaiser's steel plant in Fontana, California. Operated by D&RGW from Sunnyside to Provo, then by Union Pacific from Provo to California.