Flour Mills and Flour Milling in Utah

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Salt Lake City

Huslers Mill -- Information about one of the first flour mills in Utah Territory. Located on the Utah Southern at today's 3000 South in Salt Lake City.


Ogden Mills and Elevators -- Excerpt from the book "Ogden Rails."


"1890 - Layton Roller Mills, 18 South Main Street. In 1890, a mill was built by Ephraim P. Ellison, Henry Gibson and others on the west side of Main Street, south of Farmers Union. The mill was often referred to as Layton Milling, Layton Flour Mill, or Layton Roller Mills. In 1895, one to three carloads of flour were shipped from the mill each day. In 1903, every 24 hours the mill produced enough flour to fill 440 sacks (more than any other mill in Utah). In 1921 , the company was consolidated with Kaysville Milling Co., organized in 1906, to form the Kaysville-Layton Milling Company, with Henry H. Blood as president and E. P. Ellison as vice-president. This new company had a capacity of 60,000 barrels of flour per year and supplied markets in Utah, Nevada, Californ ia, Arizona, Alabama, and Georgia. Rasmussen Grain Co. purchased the mill in the 1940's. The wood portion burned down in 1951, and a new service station was built where the mill stood. General Mills operates a grain loading station using the old cement bins." (Layton, Utah: Historic Viewpoints; Kaysville-Layton Historical Society, 1985, page 291)