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Utah Industries and Utah Railroads

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Locomotives at Utah Industries -- Roster listings of the locomotives used by rail-served industries in Utah.


(listed alphabetically by industry)

Breweries -- Information about the railroad-served breweries in Utah.

Canning Industry -- Utah's largest fruit and vegetable canneries were served by railroads. This is an article I wrote in 1994 for the Utah History Encyclopedia about the history of Utah's canning industry.

Cement -- Cement rock mining and cement manufacturing.

Defense Plant Corporation -- Information about the World War II era Defense Plant Corporation, which built the Geneva steel mill and the supporting coal mine in Carbon County, and the iron mine in Iron County. (added February 23, 2015)

Flour Milling -- Grain storage and flour milling.

Granite -- Granite quarries in Salt Lake County, used to build the Salt Lake City LDS temple, the Utah State capital building, and the Park Building at University of Utah, along with many others.

Great Salt Lake Minerals -- Information about the extraction of salt and other minerals from the brines of Great Salt Lake.

Griffin Wheel -- Information about the Griffin Wheel iron railroad wheel plant located in Salt Lake City from 1927 to 1960, including the text from the book Griffin Wheel Company, First One Hundred Years, 1877-1977.

History of Manufactures -- Excerpts from Victor Clark's three-volume overview of manufacturing in the United States: Volume 1, 1670-1860; Volume 2, 1860-1893; Volume 3, 1893-1929

Industries in Davis County -- A brief list of a few industries in Davis County, based on abstract research in Davis County Recorder office.

Industries List -- A listing of industries served by railroads in Utah, taken from Model Railroad Operations Special Interest Group at Yahoogroups.

Industries, Locomotives -- Locomotive rosters and information about rail-served industries in Utah that have their own locomotives, including U. S. Steel's Geneva plant.

Industries, Miscellaneous -- Information about miscellaneous rail-served industries in Utah.

Inland Crystal Salt Co. -- Information about Inland Crystal Salt Company, operating adjacent to the Salt Lake, Garfield & Western immediately east of the Saltair resort. Includes information about the Inland Railway, an in-plant railroad that was wholly-owned and controlled by the Inland Crystal Salt Company.

Iron and Steel Making -- Iron ore mining in Iron County, and iron making and steel making in Utah County. (includes the Wellington coal wash plant)

Iron and Steel Working -- Information about the foundries and machine shops in Utah, 1850 to 1950, that helped form Utah's industrial base.

Limestone -- Limestone mining.

Livestock -- Information about how Utah's railroads served the livestock industry.

Meat Packing -- Information about the meat packing industry in Utah. (incomplete and under construction)

Milk Canning -- Information about Utah's milk canning industry, including condensed milk and evaporated milk. (incomplete and under construction)

Oil -- Petroleum refining in Salt Lake County and Davis County.

Phosphate Rock -- Information about Utah's phosphate rock mining industry.

Stone and Aggregates -- Stone quarries statewide used for construction materials, including gravel and aggregates, along with railroad ballast, and smelter slag.

Sugar Beet Industry -- An article about Utah's sugar beet and beet sugar industry.

Trash By Train -- Information about the movement by rail, of municipal solid waste to landfills in Utah.

Utah Power & Light -- Information about Utah Power & Light, its predecessor Utah Light & Traction, and successor Rocky Mountain Power.

West Side Business Parks -- Information about industrial development for smaller rail-served industries on Salt Lake City's west side.