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The consist for any particular UP passenger train greatly depended on the location and date. Many UP passenger train consists changed as the train traversed its route, as well as month to month for seasonal variation in passenger needs. So, generalities about passenger train consists are often very hard to make. (Dick Harley, January 4, 2007)

Train Consists

City of Los Angeles and City of San Francisco (combined), 1962

Two sections of Union Pacific's "City of Los Angeles" departed eastbound from Ogden, Utah, on July 8, 1962. Summer time rail traffic was still good with the two sections showing the still heavy volume of business.

(from Camerail Club's The Mixed Train, Issue 2020-5)

Since 1959 the "City of San Francisco" (train #102) had been combined into the "City of Los Angeles" (train #104) and the "Challenger" (train #108), a summer time coach section to the COLA. On this date the Pullman space of the COLA and the COSF were combined into the Pullman first section; and the coach space of the COLA, COSF and Challenger were combined into the coach second section.

The Pullman section had 10 sleepers and to handle meal service a second diner was added. Due to the limited number of UP diners, on this train a Milwaukee diner was used. The Milwaukee diners were rarely used on the UP first class train with the reason being that they didn't have the storage and refrigeration space and the main reason was the UP dining department didn't care for the general design and decor of the car. However, there was a shortage of diners during the summer season and they were forced to use the Milwaukee diners (and crews).

The coach section had 17 coach cars with the meal service handled by two cafe lounge cars. Unlike the Pullman section, where all passengers used the diners, the coach section a good share of the passengers being responsible for their own meals, and there was not that much demand for diner services. Also note the use of the Milwaukee full length dome lounge is used on the coach section. The two digit loading number coaches were summertime only service along with a few extra added Challenger coaches.

Union Pacific Streamliner "City of Los Angeles" running in two sections eastbound from Ogden, Utah, on July 8, 1962:

1st 104, City of Los Angeles / City of San Francisco (Pullman section)

[power not shown]

      load #  
UP 5705 mail storage bagg    
UP 5900 RPO    
UP 6318 baggage    
UP 6003 bagg-dorm    
UP Pacific Waters 10 rt-6 bedrm 1043  
UP Pacific Forest 10 rt-6 bedrm 1044  
UP Placid Waters 11 bedrm 1046  
UP Ocean Sands 5 bedrm-2 comp-2 dr rm 1047  
UP 8002 dome diner    
UP 9004 dome lounge    
UP Pacific Skies 10 rt-6 bedrm 1049 (note 1)
UP Imperial Sands 4 bedrm-4 comp-2 dr rm 1042  
Milw 171 48 seat diner    
PRR Imperial Point 4 bedrm-4 compt-2 dr rm 1026  
UP Imperial Letter 4 bedrm-4 compt-2 dr rm 1025  
SP 9038 10 rt-6 bedrm 1023  
SP 9048 10 rt-6 bedrm 1022 (note 2)

2nd 104, City of Los Angeles / Challenger / City of San Francisco (coach section)

[power not shown]

      load #  
Milw 1317 bagg-dorm    
UP 5452 44 seat coach 1027  
Milw 628 40 seat coach 1028  
SP 2424 40 seat coach 1029 (note 3)
Milw 615 40 seat coach 1040  
UP 5428 44 seat coach 1041  
UP 5401 44 seat coach 1042  
UP 5014 cafe-lounge    
UP 5526 44 seat coach 45 (note 1)
UP 5516 44 seat coach 1086(1) (note 1)
UP 5443 44 seat coach 1087(1) (note 1)
Milw 54 dome lounge    
UP 7004 dome coach 41  
UP 5511 44 seat coach 42  
UP 5510 44 seat coach 43  
UP 5007 cafe-lounge    
Milw 603 40 seat coach 1084  
Milw 654 40 seat coach 1083  
UP 5433 44 seat coach 1082  
UP 5454 44 seat coach 1081  
Milw 638 40 seat coach 1080  

(1) - off at Omaha

(2) - simulated stainless steel paint scheme

(3) - would be retired later that year, original "Golden Star"