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About Train Consists

The consist for any particular UP passenger train greatly depended on the location and date. Many UP passenger train consists changed as the train traversed its route, as well as month to month for seasonal variation in passenger needs. So, generalities about passenger train consists are often very hard to make. (Dick Harley, January 4, 2007)

Train Consists

1941 Trains

Following is a list of Union Pacific "Streamliners" in 1941, taken from "Nebraska Industrial Properties of the Union Pacific Railroad".


UP Passenger Train Consists, February 1947 (PDF; 28 pages; 15.6MB)

UP Passenger Train Consists, September 1947 (PDF; 22 pages; 7.2MB)


February 1949 -- Below is a consist for Train No. 28, the San Francisco Overland, dated February 19, 1949 (power and location unknown)

This was about a month before the CZ began operations, so it's interesting to see the CZ 10-6 sleepers in the Overland. This consist is courtesy of the Camerail Club via Jeff Root. (Jeff Cauthen, email dated February 29, 2012)


November 1950 -- A listing of Union Pacific passenger trains as of November 1950, with their planned makeup of car styles. Based on an original document from Union Pacific archives.


UP Passenger Train Consists, January 1954 (PDF; 40 pages; 13.3MB)


May 1957 -- A listing of consists of Union Pacific passenger trains passing through Salt Lake City in April and May 1957, including changes in the consists at several terminals. (PDF, 18 pages; 3MB)

Trains included are:


Summer Rail Travel -- David Seidel's excellent article from The Mixed Train about the UP trains eastbound from Omaha on July 14, 1962. (With permission)

City of Los Angeles, Trains No. 103 and No. 104

City of Los Angeles -- Train consists for Union Pacific's City of Los Angeles passenger train.

City of St. Louis, Trains No. 9 and No. 10

City of St. Louis -- Train consists for Union Pacific's City of St. Louis passenger train.

Mail Train, Trains No. 5 and No. 6

Mail Trains 5 and 6 -- Train consists for Union Pacific's Mail Train No. 5 and No. 6 passenger train.