Passenger Cars and Trains

This page was last updated on April 13, 2014.

Amtrak -- A separate index page for Amtrak items.

Amtrak In Utah -- Information about the operations and facilities of National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) in Utah.

Amtrak HEP -- Information about Amtrak's Head End Power (HEP) program.

Amtrak HEP Cars -- Information about Amtrak cars equipped with Head End Power (HEP).

Amtrak HEP Locomotives -- Information about Amtrak HEP locomotives; includes a brief summary of Amtrak's steam-heat SDP40F locomotives.

Coach vs. Chair -- Information about the differences between Coaches and Chair Cars.

Dynamos and Early Head End Power -- Information about Head End Power before axle generators, and Amtrak's 480 VAC system.

GM Train of Tomorrow -- Information about the General Motors "Train of Tomorrow" all-dome passenger train, built in 1947 and purchased by UP in 1950.

Pullman History -- A history of the Pullman company that operated the nationwide network of railroad sleeper car services.

Pullman Operations on UP -- Notes about Pullman sleeping car operations on Union Pacific.

Pullman Green -- Information about the history paint colors used by Pullman.

"The World's Greatest Hotel" -- An article about the history of Pullman by Arthur D. Durbin, published in the November 1969 issue of Trains magazine.

Union Pacific Passenger Cars -- Information about Union Pacific's steel and Streamliner passenger cars, from 1909 through the last new cars in 1964, and the Heritage Fleet equipment UP uses today for its various excursions and special operations. Also includes information about UP's wooden passenger cars built from the mid-1860s through the last cars delivered in 1910.

UP's Passenger Service -- Information about the Union Pacific Streamliner passenger trains operating through Ogden, Utah.

UP cars Sold To Amtrak -- Information about the 163 former Union Pacific cars purchased by Amtrak in 1971 through 1977 (Heritage Fleet)

UP Cars to Mexico -- Information about the Union Pacific passenger cars that were sold to Mexico

UP Cars to Ringling Bros. -- Information about the 104 former Union Pacific passenger cars that were sold to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baliey Circus (RBX and RBBX)

Wooden Car Builders -- Brief summaries of the car builders that built wooden rail passenger cars.

Books By Wayner -- Books by Robert Wayner, covering mostly passenger cars.