Tintic Branches

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UP's Branches in the Tintic Mining District.

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(Based on information contained in SPLA&SL Tintic Branches track profiles dated March 1915. These profiles were located in the UP engineering office in the Depot Annex, Salt Lake City, Utah, on April 29, 1988. The engineering department had already been moved to Omaha, but there were still numerous engineering files still located in Salt Lake City.)

LA&SL Silver City Branch (1882)

LA&SL Silver City Branch (1.94 miles)

Completed by the Salt Lake & Western Railway in 1882

Maximum grade: up to Silver City, 2.62 percent

Maximum curvature: 4 degrees

Newest rail, S.H. 75 lbs., 1915

Silver City Branch rail relaid, completed on 4 December 1915, reported in August 1917

At Silver City:

LA&SL Eureka Branch (1889)

LA&SL Eureka Branch (3.66 miles)

Completed by Salt Lake & Western Railway in 1889

Maximum grade: up to Eureka, 3.56 percent

Maximum curvature: 7 degrees

Newest rail: S.H. 75 lbs., 1917

(from LA&SL drawing 562-14)

LA&SL Northern Spy Branch (1891)

LA&SL Northern Spy Mine Branch (3.03 miles)

Completed by OSL&UN in 1891

MP 2.65 (at Silver City, from Tintic) to MP 5.43 (Northern Spy mine)

3.03 miles, 4% grade, 52-pound rail

Maximum curvature: 16 degrees

Northern Spy Mine was "eliminated" on 15 January 1917

Branch retired in January 1922, tracks not removed

Reinstated in 1926 as side tracks

Retired and track taken up in October 1937. (Work Orders 946 and 1059, dated 25 October 1937; 100 percent completed on 14 December 1937)

LA&SL Mammoth Branch (1893)

(Mammoth Junction to Mammoth)

Completed by OSL&UN in December 1893

(from LA&SL drawing 562-16)

LA&SL New East Tintic Branch (1896)

LA&SL New East Tintic Branch (2.03 miles)

Completed by New East Tintic Railway in 1896

5.79 percent grade from Mammoth to switchback (engineering station 0+00 to 22+31.69, MP 3.645)

6 percent grade from switchback to Mammoth mine (engineering station 20+17 to 105+01.2, MP 5.21)

Maximum curvature: 30 degrees

Newest rail: S.H. 90 lbs., 1923 (other portions, S.H. 60 lbs., 1890)

Combined with Mammoth Branch in employee timetables


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