Union Pacific in Utah

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Union Pacific Railroad Timeline, 1864-1880 -- Construction across Nebraska and Wyoming, and into Utah.

Union Pacific in Utah, 1868-1899 -- Union Pacific operations in Utah, including all subsidiaries.

Union Pacific in Utah, 1900-1996 -- Union Pacific operations in Utah, including all subsidiaries (includes former Western Pacific tracks after the 1983 merger)

Union Pacific in Utah, 1996 to today -- UP in Utah, after the 1996 merger with Southern Pacific

Union Pacific Branches and Locations -- Information about specific locations (towns and stations) and branches on the original Union Pacific in Utah, east of Ogden.

Oregon Short Line Railroad In Utah

OSL was controlled by UP after 1898; leased for operation to UP in 1936; merged with UP in 1987.

(Coverage from 1869 to 1903, see Utah Central/Utah Southern to 1889, then OSL&UN 1889 to 1897, then OSL, 1897 to 1903)

OSL in Utah, Salt Lake City to Ogden, and north of Ogden -- Tracks owned by OSL; all UP lines north of Salt Lake City.

OSL Branches and Locations -- Information about specific locations (towns and stations) and branches on the Oregon Short Line in Utah.

UP Cache Junction -- Thornton Waite's article about Cache Junction in northern Utah.

UP's Little Mountain Branch -- Information about the branch built in 1971, and abandoned in 1997; westward from Hot Springs, serving mineral extraction industries on Great Salt Lake.

Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad In Utah

LA&SL was controlled by UP after 1921; leased to UP for operation in 1936; merged with UP in 1987.

(Coverage is 1901 to 1936; prior to 1903, see Utah Central/Utah Southern to 1889, then OSL&UN 1889 to 1897, then OSL, 1897 to 1903)

LA&SL In Utah, South of Salt Lake City -- Tracks owned by LA&SL; all UP lines south and west of Salt Lake City.

LA&SL Branches and Locations -- Information about specific locations (towns and stations) and branches on the Los Angeles & Salt Lake in Utah.

LA&SL's Cedar City Branch -- Information about LA&SL's Cedar City and Iron Mountain branches in southern Utah, built in 1923 and operated by Union Pacific.

LA&SL's Delta Branch -- Information about LA&SL's Delta Branch, built in 1915-1916; abandoned and removed in 1932-1934.

LA&SL's Fairfield Branch -- Information about LA&SL Fairfield Branch, built in 1882; abandoned in three segments: Topliff to Boulter, 1927; Five Mile Pass to Topliff, 1938; Cutler to Five Mile Pass, 1952

LA&SL's Fillmore Branch -- Information about LA&SL's Fillmore Branch, built in 1922 and operated by Union Pacific; abandoned and removed in 1983-1984.

LA&SL's Frisco Branch -- Information about LA&SL's Frisco Branch, built as part of the original Utah Southern in 1880; abandoned and removed in 1943 (includes the Newhouse Extension, built in 1904; abandoned and removed in 1937).

LA&SL's Hinkley Branch -- Information about LA&SL's Hinkley Branch, built in 1918; abandoned and removed in 1932-1934.

UP's Provo Subdivision -- Information about Union Pacific's Provo Subdivision in Utah. Includes a map.

UP Depots In Utah

Union Pacific's Salt Lake City Depot -- Information about the history and current status of Union Pacific's classic depot in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City Post Office Annex -- Information about the Post Office Annex, located south of UP's Salt Lake City depot.

UP's Utah depots -- Information about the architectural design of Union Pacific's depots in Utah.

More Information

UP Iron Ore Trains -- Information about the iron ore trains operated by Union Pacific.

Union Pacific Controlled Railroads -- An index page for the railroads in Utah that were built by companies controlled by Union Pacific, including all the predecessor companies, standard gauge and narrow gauge.

UP's 3rd West Industrial Lead -- Narrative and text for the construction in 1953 of Union Pacific's 3rd West Industrial Lead; an example of UP's dominance over D&RGW in the 1950s.

UP's Salt Lake City Diesel Shop -- An edited version of the original text used for an article published as "Salt Lake City Diesel Shop" in The Streamliner, Volume 12, Number 2, Spring 1998.

UP's Salt Lake City Roundhouse -- Information about the roundhouse in Salt Lake City, built in 1907 as a shared facility by San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake and Oregon Short Line; retired in late 1949 and demolished in 1950 and 1951 to clear the site for UP's Salt Lake City Diesel shop.

UP's West Side Business Parks -- Information about UP's light industry parks on Salt Lake City's West Side.

Union Pacific In Ogden -- An index page for the Ogden Rails project, with links to read more about UP in Ogden.

UP in Cache Valley -- Information about Union Pacific in Cache Valley in northern Utah, including a summary of the various branches in Cache Valley.

Utah Division History -- Information about UP's Utah Division, from 1937 to current operations in 2003, with information from various timetables showing how the division was expanded and cut back at various times to reflect the operational changes of reorganizations and mergers.

UP's Salt Lake City Area Timetable -- Changes that took effect in 1998 with the new Salt Lake Area Timetable of October 25, 1998, including name change to most of the area subdivisions.

UP's Park City (Utah) Branch -- An expanded version of an article published as "Union Pacific's Park City (Utah) Branch" in The Streamliner, Volume 15, Number 2, Spring 2001

UP's Route in Weber and Echo Canyons -- An updated and expanded version of the article published as "Eastbound to Wahsatch" in The Streamliner, Volume 17, Number 3, Summer 2003.

UP's Tintic Branches and Shay Locomotives -- An edited version of the original text used for an article published as "UP's Tintic Subdivision" in The Streamliner, Volume 19, Number 3, Summer 2005. The Streamliner is the quarterly publication of Union Pacific Historical Society, and the article in The Streamliner includes 32 photos (three in color, plus the color cover), and seven maps, along with locomotive diagrams, timetable entries, and track profiles of the branches where UP ran its Shay locomotives.

UP's Syracuse Branch -- Information about UP's Syracuse Branch, which ran west from Clearfield to the Great Salt Lake.

UP's 900 South Line -- Information about UP's 900 South Passenger Line, reactivated in late 2001 and abandoned in late 2007.

Union Pacific, Not In Utah -- Information about various Union Pacific subsidiaries (not in Utah) that added their own locomotives to UP's large fleet of locomotives, both steam and diesel.

Utah Parks Company -- Information about UP's Utah Parks subsidiary, which owned and managed the lodges in Bryce, Zions, and the north rim of Grand Canyon national parks.

Kaiser Unit Coal Trains -- Information about the unit coal trains that ran between Kaiser's coal mine at Sunnyside, Utah, and Kaiser's steel plant in Fontana, California. Operated by D&RGW from Sunnyside to Provo, then by Union Pacific from Provo to California.

UP Great Salt Lake Beach Project, 1987 -- A PDF of the report completed by UP in 1987 covering the improvements needed for the former Western Pacific mainline along the south shore of the Great Salt Lake. (PDF; 17 pages; 17.4MB)

UP Great Salt Lake Causeway, 2007 -- A PDF of the report completed by UP in 2007 concerning maintenance of the former SP Great Salt Lake causeway, including the fix for the failure of a 1000-foot section of the causeway at Mile Post 748 in August 2000. (PDF; 35 pages; 8.5MB)