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Union Pacific's Magazines

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Union Pacific Magazine

Union Pacific Magazine was discontinued during the Depression. During war years and the 1950s the company issued what were called the "Pink Bulletins" which carried info for travel promotion and some employee news. (John Bromley)

Union Pacific Magazine was first published in January 1922. (Thornton Waite)

The Seattle Public Library has the Union Pacific Magazine for the years 1924-32.

INFO Magazine

UP INFO Magazine -- A collection of information taken from UP's INFO magazine, covering the entire railroad, throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

The first issue of INFO magazine (Volume 1, Number 1) was in November 1968. It lasted until 2001.

The first issue of INFO was four pages and included coverage of the formal opening of Bailey Yard for eastbound trains in North Platte, Nebraska, on October 25, 1968.

In March 1983, following the merger of UP, MP and WP, the three companies' magazines were combined into a single new magazine called InfoNews, with a new Volume 1, Number 1 issue.

In October 1984, the name was changed back to Info magazine.

With the March-April 1999 issue (Volume 17, Number 2), Info magazine became available digitally on UP's web sites.

Info magazine was published until at least the Fall 2000 issue (Volume 18, Number 3), with one report saying it was published until 2001.