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Union Pacific In Utah -- A history of the construction and operation of all of Union Pacific's lines in Utah, including descriptions and abandonments of its many branchlines in the state.

Union Pacific In Utah Predecessor Railroads -- An index page for the railroads in Utah that were built by companies controlled by Union Pacific, including all the predecessor companies, standard gauge and narrow gauge. (Utah Central, Utah Southern, Utah Northern, etc.)

Union Pacific, Not In Utah -- An index page for Union Pacific predecessor and subsidiaries, not in Utah.

Union Pacific After 1936 -- A brief review of changes in Union Pacific's organization that took effect on January 1, 1936.

UP History

Union Pacific History -- A brief narrative of Union Pacific's history, with full company names and dates, including the following major subsidiaries, leased to UP in 1936. (Alphabetic listing of predecessor and subsidiary railroads)

Oregon Short Line Railroad -- A brief narrative of OSL history, with full company names and dates, with links to additional information.

Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Co. -- A brief narrative of OWRR&N history, with full company names and dates, with links to additional information.

Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad -- A brief narrative of LA&SL history, with full company names and dates, with links to additional information.

Corporate Histories for ICC

Corporate histories (below) of Union Pacific and its three major subsidiaries, completed in response to the ICC Valuation of all U.S. railroads. These corporate histories describe the main tracks and branches of each railroad, when each section was built, and the companies that built each section of railroad.

Union Pacific Corporate History -- UP corporate history as of June 30, 1919. (PDF; 162 pages; 56.4MB)

Oregon Short Line Corporate History -- OSL corporate history as of June 30, 1916. (PDF; 80 pages; 22MB)

Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Co. Corporate History -- OWRR&N coprorate history as of June 30, 1916. (PDF; 163 pages; 60.1MB)

San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Corporate History -- SPLA&SL corporate history as of June 30, 1914. (PDF; 62 pages; 18.1MB)


Diesel Locomotives -- Information about Union Pacific's diesel and turbine locomotives.

Steam Locomotives -- Information about UP's steam locomotives.

Heritage Locomotive Fleet -- An index page for UP's Heritage Fleet of steam locomotives and diesel locomotives.

Motive Power timeline -- Full chronologies for Union Pacific's motive power, from 1915 to 2001:

Freight Cars -- Information about Union Pacific's freight cars.

Passenger Trains and Passenger Cars -- Information about Union Pacific's passenger trains and passenger cars. Includes information about wooden passenger cars and steel passenger cars from 1909 through the last new cars in 1964.

Union Pacific Passenger Trains -- Brief summaries of a few of the named non-Streamliner passenger trains operated by Union Pacific.

Heritage Passenger Car Fleet -- Information about UP's Heritage Fleet of passenger cars.

Company Cars -- Non-passenger equipment with UPP reporting marks.

Roadway Equipment -- Roster listings of UP's 900000 series Roadway equipment, UP's name for equipment assigned to maintenance of way; includes listings for snow plows, cranes and derricks, Jordan spreaders, and converted former passenger cars.

Cabooses -- Information about Union Pacific's wooden and steel cabooses, plus three photo albums of UP 25007, a steel CA-3 caboose.

Motor Cars -- Information about Union Pacific motor cars, including McKeen motor cars, EMC motor cars, and Brill motor cars.

Distillate Fuel -- Information about what distillate fuel was, and how Union Pacific used it to replace gasoline in its motor cars.

Equipment Record -- Information about Union Pacific's equipment record, the railroad's own record for its own equipment.

GTE Tenders -- Information about tenders that Union Pacific used on its 4500 and 8500 horsepower GTE locomotives.

Heritage Fleet Water Cars -- Information about the retired GTE tenders assigned to UP's steam program and Heritage Fleet.

Equipment Trusts -- Information about equipment trusts used by Union Pacific to purchase locomotives and rolling stock.

UP Shops -- Information about UP's locomotive and car repair shops.

Painting, Lettering and Numbering

Painting, Lettering & Numbering -- An index page of painting and lettering used by Union Pacific on its equipment and buildings.

Other Union Pacific Information

Union Pacific Areas, Districts, Regions and Service Units -- Added a new page with information about the background for Union Pacific's use of Districts, then Regions, then Service Units in the years between 1983 and today. Additional organizational changes in 1998 brought the railroad's use of Timetable Areas as a way to better manage operations and maintenance.

Union Pacific's B-17 -- An article about Union Pacific's Boeing B-17 Heavy Bomber that flew in World War II.

Union Pacific Bridges and Buildings -- Information about UP's bridges and buildings.

Union Pacific Buses -- Information about Union Pacific's three bus subsidiary companies, Union Pacific Stages, Inc.; Interstate Transit Lines; and Union Pacific Stage Co.

Union Pacific Calendars -- Information about Union Pacific's annual color calendar, available starting in 1940.

Union Pacific Centennial, Report To Shippers -- Online images of the pages of UP's book "Centennial Report to Shippers," illustrating the services, motive power, and freight cars available to the railroad's shippers during the railroad's Centennial year of 1969. (Download a PDF of this book)

Union Pacific Common Standards -- Information about Union Pacific's Common Standards, taken from an 811-page book from the collection of Robert Langer. (See also: An online album containing 900 images from the Union Pacific Common Standards book, as well as other similar items.)

Union Pacific Computers -- Information about the use of computers on Union Pacific, which started in 1954.

Union Pacific Control Points -- Information about control points on Union Pacific. A Control Point (abbreviated as CP, or C.P.) is a designated location on a railroad that is controlled by a remote operator, such as an electric switch for a siding, a crossover between two parallel tracks, or a crossing of two or more tracks. Control Points are displayed on trackside signs. Union Pacific began using the term Control Point (or Controlled Point) in late 1979 when a bulletin was issued by the railroad's engineering department.

Union Pacific Depots -- Information about UP's depots in Utah and other locations.

Union Pacific Districts -- Information about the organizational changes made by Union Pacific in 1936-1937 as a result of the Unification of 1936. The changes included the creation of four districts: Eastern District; Central District; Northwestern District; and Southwestern District.

Union Pacific Form 70 -- Information about UP's Form 70, "List of Agencies, Stations, Equipment, Etc." -- Descriptive listings of all agencies, stations, locomotives and locomotive service facilities, and passenger and freight equipment, along with listings of officials, managers, physicians, hospitals and time inspectors.

Union Pacific Freight Trains -- Information about some of the dedicated freight trains operated by Union Pacific, with the focus being operations in the 1950s.

Union Pacific ICC Valuations -- A brief summary and background for Union Pacific's accounting department, and the valuation effort.

Union Pacific List of Industries, 1971 -- Index page for UP's List of Industries, dated January 1, 1971

Union Pacific Magazines -- Information about the magazines published by Union Pacific, including Union Pacific Magazine and INFO.

Union Pacific Miniature Train -- Information about UP's "956" miniature train. (See also: Union Pacific's Parade Trains, by Don Strack; UPHS The Streamliner, Volume 21, Number 3, Summer 2007)

Union Pacific MP&M Men -- Brief biographical information about the men in UP's Motive Power & Machinery department.

Union Pacific Presidents -- Brief summaries of the men who were leaders at Union Pacific, including UPRR President, CEO and Chairman of the Board, as well as similar positions with Union Pacific Corporation.

Union Pacific Yards -- Information about UP's switch yards, all across the system. (Current through 2002 only)

Rails Across America -- Text of "Rails Across America," a pamphlet published in March 1988 with brief histories of UP and MP, and chronologies of UP, MP and WP.

Hanna and Granger, Wyoming, and Aspen Tunnel -- Timelines and other information about these three important locations on UP in Wyoming.

Wyuta Wreck -- Information about the wreck at Wyuta, Wyoming, on November 12, 1951


Union Pacific Photo Albums at UtahRails


Great Big Rollin' Railroad - Union Pacific Railroad's theme song from the 1970s to mid 1980s.

UP's 4-12-2 Steam Locomotive - Howard Fogg's recording of a Union Pacific-type 4-12-2.

Music Video

Lifeline To The Country -- UP's music video from 1990, about two brothers who dreamed of working for Union Pacific, including some background to the making of the video.