UPP Company Cars

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Test Car -- 2 cars
International, 1967 (UP 1987)
Former CRI&P caboose

UPP 400 UP 24531
UPP 401 UP 24540


  • Length, Over Coupler Pulling Faces: 41'-8"
  • Length, Over Strikers: 39'-1"
  • Length, Over End Sills: 36'-7"
  • Length, Inside:
  • Truck Centers: 23'-3"
  • Truck Style: 4 wheel (5'-8" wheelbase)

General Notes:

  1. Remodeled from former Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Class CA-13 cabooses in November 1987.
  2. UPP 400 had its own power supply; UPP 401 required an outside power supply.
  3. Used as test cars until about 1990, then stripped and moved to North Platte for use as crew shuttle cars.
  4. (Read more about UPP 400 and 401 as crew shuttle cars)


Load Test Car -- 1 car
(MPI, 1994)

Date To
UPP 403 Jul 1998 Jun 2010


  • Length, Over Coupler Pulling Faces: 57'-11"
  • Maximum Gross Weight: 220,000 pounds (110 tons)
  • Load Limit: 156,800 pounds (78 tons)

General Notes:

  1. Built in 1994 by Motive Power International at Boise, Idaho, to accompany the LNG locomotives (UP 1298 and 1299) assigned to Los Angeles; moved to Council Bluffs when the two LNG locomotives were returned to MPI in 1998.
  2. A special setup on a retired flat car to test the output of locomotives under full load. The electrical power from the locomotives was routed to the three sets of dynamic braking grids and converted to heat, which is dissipated by the rooftop fans. The two LNG locomotives did not have a self-test feature (like most if not all other modern locomotives). Most locomotives equipped with dynamic braking delivered after 1972 had their own self-test feature that used the locomotive's own dynamic braking to test the output of the locomotive.
  3. Sold by UP at auction at Denver Burnham, June 2010; sold to Arkansas & Missouri Railroad, seen in their Fort Smith, Arkansas, yard, in late October 2010.
  4. (View a photo of UPP 403 at Council Bluffs in 2006)