Railroads of Utah

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Union Pacific

A. Union Pacific Railroad (2nd) (1897-present)

    1. mainline from the east to Ogden

         a. Union Pacific Railway (1880-1897)

         b. Union Pacific Railroad (1st) (1862-1880)

    2. Park City Branch

         a. Echo & Park City Railway (1881-1899)

             (i)  Summit County Railroad (1874-1881)

                  (a) Coalville & Echo Railroad (1869)

         b. Utah Eastern Railroad (2nd) (1879-1887)

B. Oregon Short Line Railroad (1897-1987)

    1. Oregon Short Line & Utah Northern Railway (1889-1897)

         a. Utah & Northern Railway (1878-1889)

             (i)  Utah Northern Railroad (1874-1878)

         b. Utah Central Railway (1st) (1881-1889)

             (i)  Utah Central Railroad (1st) (1869-1881)

             (ii)  Utah Southern Railroad (1872-1881)

             (iii)  Utah Southern Railroad Extension(1879-1881)

         c. Utah & Nevada Railway (1881-1889)

             (i)  Utah Western Railway (1st) (1874-1881)

                  (a) Salt Lake, Sevier Valley & Pioche Railroad (1872-1874)

         d. Salt Lake & Western Railway (1881-1889)

         e. Ogden & Syracuse Railway (1887-1889)

    2. New East Tintic Railway (1896-1900)

    3. Malad Valley Railroad (1902-1910)

    4. Utah & Pacific Railroad (1898-1902)

C. Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad (1916-1987)

    1. San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad (1901-1916)

    2. former Oregon Short Line lines south of Salt Lake City, acquired 1903

Rio Grande

A. Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad (1921-present)

    1. mainline from the east through Price, Provo, and Salt Lake City to Ogden

    2. Denver & Rio Grande Railroad (Consolidated) (1908-1921)

         a. Rio Grande Western Railway (1889-1908)

             (i)  Denver & Rio Grande Western Railway (1881-1889)

                  (a)  Utah & Pleasant Valley Railway (1875-1881)

    3. branch lines and predecessor companies

         a. Cane Creek Branch (built 1967)

         b. Sunnyside Branch

             (i)  Carbon County Railway (1st) (1899-1908)

         c. Kenilworth Branch

             (i) Kenilworth & Helper Railway (1911-1926)

         d. Spring Canyon Branch

             (i)  built by three different coal companies

         e. Pleasant Valley Branch

             (i)  Carbon County Railway (1st) (1899-1908)

         f. Marysvale Branch

             (i)  Sevier Railway (1891-1908)

             (ii)  Castle Valley Railway (2nd) (1899-1908)

         g. San Pete Valley Branch

             (i)  San Pete Valley Railway (1874-1908)

                  (a) California Short Line Railway (1882-1889)

         h. Morrison Branch

             (i)  San Pete Valley Railway (1874-1908)

         i. Tintic Branch

             (i)  Tintic Range Railway (1891-1908)

             (ii)  Goshen Valley Railway (1918-1947)

         j. Heber Branch

             (i)  Utah Eastern Railway (2nd) (1897-1908)

         k. Orem Branch (purchased in 1946)

             (i)  former Salt Lake & Utah Railroad trackage

         l. Alta Branch

             (i)  Wasatch & Jordan Valley Railroad(1872-1879)

                  (a) as reorganized (1879-1881)

             (ii)  portion leased to Little Cottonwood Transportation

             (iii)  portion leased to Salt Lake & Alta Railroad

         m. Bingham Branch

             (i)  Wasatch & Jordan Valley Railroad(2nd)(1879-1881)

                  (a) Bingham Canyon & Camp Floyd Railroad(1872-1879)

             (ii)  Copper Belt Railroad (1901-1908)

             (iii)  Rio Grande Western Railway "High Line"(built 1905)

         n. Dalton & Lark Branch

             (i)  built by Bingham Consolidated

         o. Garfield Branch (built 1905)

             (i)  Welby terminal

         p. Park City Branch

             (i)  Utah Central Railroad (2nd) (1897-1908)

                  (a) Utah Central Railway (2nd) (1890-1897)

                       [1] Salt Lake & Eastern Railway (1888-1890)

                  (b) Salt Lake & Fort Douglas Railway (1884-1890)

         q. Small Arms Plant Branch (built 1942)

         r. Salt Lake City street trackage

         s. Salt Lake terminal operations

             (i) Salt-Lake City Union Depot & Railroad (1907-1978)

             (ii)  portion of former Salt Lake & Utah trackage

         t. Lake park Branch

         u. Hooper Branch

         v. Ogden terminal operations

Southern Pacific Company

A. Mainline from the west

    1. Central Pacific

         a. original mainline via Promontory (1868-1942)

         b. Lucin Cutoff (Ogden & Lucin Railroad)

             (i)  as trestle (1903-1959)

             (ii)  as fill (1959-present)

B. Ogden terminal operations

    1. Ogden Union Railway & Depot Co. (1888-present)

Western Pacific Railroad

A. mainline from the west (1916-1982)

    1. Western Pacific Railway (1903-1916)

B. branches

    1. Warner Branch

    2. Flux Branch

C. Salt Lake terminal operations

    1. Salt Lake City Union Depot & Railroad Co. (1907-1978)

D. Deep Creek Railroad (1916-1939)

Interurban Railroads

A. Bamberger Railroad (1939-1959)

    1. Bamberger Electric Railroad (1917-1939)

         a. Salt Lake & Ogden Railway (2nd) (1896-1917)

             (i) Great Salt Lake & Hot Springs Railway (1890-1896)

B. Utah Idaho Central Railroad (1918-1949)

    1. Ogden, Logan & Idaho Railway (1914-1918)

         a. Ogden Rapid Transit Co. (1900-1914)

         b. Ogden & Northwestern Railroad (1903-1911)

             (i) Ogden & Hot Springs Railroad (1890-1903)

         c. Logan Rapid Transit Co. (1910-1914)

C. Salt Lake & Utah Railroad (1912-1946)

    1. Interurban Construction Co. (1911-1912)

D. Salt Lake, Garfield & Western Railway (1916-present)

    1. Salt Lake & Los Angeles Railway (2nd) (1892-1916)

         a. Saltair Railway (1891-1892)

E. Emigration Canyon Railroad (1907-1917)

Urban Railroads

A. Utah Light & Traction Co. (1914-1944)

    1. Utah Light & Railway Co. (1904-1914)

         a. Consolidated Railway & Power Co. (1901-1904)

             (i) Salt Lake City Railroad (1872-1901)

             (ii) Salt Lake Rapid Transit Co. (1890-1901)

             (iii) East Bench Street Railway (1890-1901)

             (iv) Popperton Place & Fort Douglas Rapid Transit Co. (1890-1901)

    2. Salt Lake Light & Traction Co. (1914)

B. Salt Lake Terminal Co. (1913-1949?)

    1. 50% owned by Bamberger Railroad

    2. 50% owned by Salt Lake & Utah Railroad

C. Salt Lake & Utah Valley Railroad (1902-?)

    1. West Side Rapid Transit Co. (1890-1902)

D. street railroad in Provo

    1. operated by Salt Lake & Utah Railroad (1913-1919)

E. street railroad in Ogden

    1. Utah Rapid Transit Co. (1919-1936)

         a. operated by Utah Idaho Central Railroad (1918-1919)

             (i) operated by Ogden, Logan & Idaho Railway (1914-1918)

                  (a) Ogden Rapid Transit Co. (1900-1914)

                       (1) Ogden Electric Railway (1892-1900)

                            a. Ogden City Street Railway (1891-1892)

F. street railroad in Logan

    1. operated by Utah Idaho Central (1918-1926)

         a. operated by Ogden, Logan & Idaho Railway (1914-1918)

             (i) Logan Rapid Transit Co. (1910-1914)

Industrial Railroads

A. Kennecott Corporation (1943-present)

    1. Utah Copper Co. (1903-1943)

         a. present mainline operation (1948-present)

         b. Bingham & Garfield Railway (1911-1951)

         c. Bingham open-pit mine operations (1904-present)

         d. Magna and Arthur concentrator railroad operations (1907-?

         e. Garfield smelter railroad operations (1959-present)

             (i) American Smelting & Refining Co. (1905-1959)

B. United States Steel

    1. Carbon County Railway (2nd) (1922-1983)

    2. Columbia-Geneva Steel Co.

         a. Geneva steel plant railroad operations (1943-present)

         b. Ironton pig-iron plant railroad operations (1923-1966)

    3. Wellington coal washer

C. Anaconda Copper Co.

    1. International Smelting Co.

         a. Tooele Valley Railroad (1908-1983)

         b. Eureka Hill Railway (1907-1928)

         c. Tintic Smelting Co. smelter plant railroad operations

         d. International smelter plant railroad operations (1907-1971)

D. Newhouse Mines & Smelters (later South Utah Mines & Smelters)

    1. Newhouse, Copper Gulch & Sevier Lake Railroad (1904-1925?)

E. United States Smelting, Refining & Mining Co.

    1. Utah Railway (name change from Utah Coal Railway) (1912-1983?)

         a. Southern Utah Railroad (1907-1921)

         b. Castle Valley Railroad (1909-1914)

         c. National Coal Railway (1921-1954) built 1925-26

             (i) Helper Western Railway (1907-1921)

         d. Utah Terminal Railway (1921-1962?)

             (i) built by coal companies in Spring Canyon

F. Union Fuel Co. (1910-1941?)

    1. Grass Creek Terminal Railway (1894-1910)

         a. operated by UP and UP interests (1897-1910, 1915-1941)

G. St. John & Ophir Railroad (1912-1928)

H. Salt Lake & Mercur Railroad (1894-1913)

I. American Fork Railroad (1874-1878)

J. Little Cottonwood Transportation Co. (leased D&RGW Alta Branch)

K. Salt Lake & Alta Railroad (leased D&RGW Alta Branch)

Government railroads

A. Tooele Army Depot

    1. facilities at Tooele (TEAD)

         a. Tooele Ordnance Depot

    2. locomotive shop at Hill Air Force Base

         a. originally Ogden Arsenal

    3. Deseret Supply Depot (TEAD South Area)

         a. St. John Supply Depot

         b. Belt Line Railroad (built 1943)

B. Defense Depot Ogden

    1. Utah General Depot

C. Salt Lake Small Arms Plant (Remington Arms Co.)

D. Hill Air Force Base

    1. Hill Army Air Field

    2. Ogden Arsenal

         a. Ogden Ordnance Depot

E. Clearfield Naval Supply Depot (now Freeport Center)

F. Salt Lake City Air Force Center (served by SLG&W)

    1. Woodward Army Air Field

    2. Salt Lake City Airdrome

Companies which operated in Utah and outside of Utah

Central Pacific (1868-1959)

Denver & Rio Grande Railroad (1908-1921)

Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad (1921-1996)

Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad (1916-1987) (leased to UP in 1936, merged with UP in 1987)

Oregon Short Line Railroad (1897-1987) (leased to UP in 1936, merged with UP in 1987)

Oregon Short Line & Utah Northern Railway (1889-1897)

San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad (1904-1916)

Southern Pacific Co. (1885-1996)

Uintah Railway (1904-1939)

Union Pacific Railroad (1st) (1862-1880)

Union Pacific Railroad (2nd) (1897-present)

Union Pacific Railway (1880-1897)

Western Pacific Railroad (1916-1982)

Western Pacific Railway (1903-1916)