Railroads of Utah

This page was last updated on August 15, 2012.

Lists Of Railroad Companies

Alphabetical List -- This is a list of all known companies that were projected or planned a railroad, companies that operated railroads or railroad properties, or companies that were involved in railroad operations, such as mining companies.

The above list also serves as an index to larger files that contain summaries of each of the companies, including such information as an overview of each company, a timeline of its history, and each company's locomotives.

Corporate Index List -- For the researcher who may wish to delve into the corporation files of the Secretary of State, here is a list of the railroad companies that were assigned a corporate index number.

Utah State Public Service Commission -- Information about the railroad cases decided by Utah's Public Service Commission, which decided when (or if) any railroad company could begin or abandon operations within the state, along with changes in railroad service and complaints about railroad service.

Interstate Commerce Commission Reports and Dockets -- Information about Utah railroads, taken from the dockets of the federal Interstate Commerce Commission.

Area Outline -- An outline of the geographical areas of the state where railroads operated.

Company Outline -- An outline of the major roads, and each of their predecessor companies and branchlines.

Obsolete Companies (1929) -- A list of obsolete railroads in Utah, from Poor's 1929 manual.

Out of State Companies -- A list of railroad companies incorporated as Utah corporations, but which operated outside of the state.

Other Companies of Interest -- A list of other non-railroad companies incorporated as Utah corporations, including a few mining companies (coal and minerals)


Utah Rails Bibliography -- A bibliography listing of sources I have used.