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Corporation Index Numbers

The main benefit of the following lists, in nine parts, of railroads incorporated in Utah is that each entry shows the original organization date, the original organizers, and the original purpose and route of each company. Admittedly, obscure information, but a necessary part in understanding the history of railroads in Utah.

These lists were part of the first group of web pages available from UtahRails.net, but links were not provided due to the obscure nature of the information. The lists started out as hand-written notes in 1979 while examining the corporation files at the office of the Utah Secretary of State. The lists migrated to type-written notes as their coverage grew in the 1981-1984 time period, residing as a single page for each company, held in a three-ring binder. This period in the early 1980s was when the corporation files were being examined at the state archives. These corporate lists were the first items to be digitized in May 1998, and existed as word processor files on a desktop computer for several years, until converted to web pages. They have been occasionally updated since that time.

(These lists are *not* meant to be an index to railroads in Utah, and will not function as such.)

Part 1, Alta & Jordan Valley RR to Crescent Mining Co.

Part 2, Deep Creek RR to Iron County Ry.

Part 3, Iron Mountain & Utah Valley RR to Ogden Rapid Transit Co.

Part 4, Ogden Union Railway & Depot Co. to Salt Lake & Echo RR

Part 5, Salt Lake & Fort Douglas Ry. to Salt Lake City & Manti RR

Part 6, Salt Lake City & Salina RR to Summit County Railway & Transportation Co.

Part 7, Tintic Ry. to Utah & Wyoming Central Ry.

Part 8, Utah Central RR to Utah Midland Ry.

Part 9, Utah, Nevada & California RR to Wyoming & Western Ry.

Duplicate Companies

Index numbers 4281 to 4368 (88 corporations) were all filed with the Secretary of State's office on May 4, 1903. This was the date that the corporation records of Salt Lake County were transferred to the State of Utah. Many corporations in this group also filed with either the Territory of Utah, or (later) the State of Utah. The low-numbered companies, beginning with index 4281, were for the "Pennsylvania land grab" companies of 1872, and the high-numbered companies in the 4360 series were for companies that were organized in the 1900-1903 time period.

A large majority of corporations filed with the Secretary of State in Utah, as well as those filed with the Salt Lake County Auditor of Public Accounts prior to the merging of the two offices in 1903, were dissolved for non-payment of their past-due corporate license fee. This fee was put in place in Utah in accordance with the a recent federal requirement for all corporations to file with the federal Internal Revenue Service. It was a minimal fee matching the administrative cost of maintaining the records at the state level, with the information then being passed on to the federal level. Various newspapers during January and February 1910 estimated that there were 400,000 corporations on the national level, and 6,000 corporations in Utah. The federal law, known as the Corporation Tax Act of 1909, was passed on August 5, 1909, creating what was called an excise tax, which was a fee to be paid to the federal Internal Revenue Service based on 1 percent fee of each corporation's net proceeds each year. Under the act, each state was required to register all active corporations.

November 9, 1974

Thousands of Utah corporations, especially mining corporations, were involuntarily dissolved on November 9, 1974 by the state's Secretary of State due to unpaid registration fees and taxes. The Utah state legislature passed what was informally called the "Shell Game Bill" in 1973 to allow the Secretary of State to dissolve inactive corporations, with some as old as 1904. The Secretary of State notified all of the inactive corporations (a total of 19,929) on record in early November 1973, giving the corporations one year's notice to pay delinquent taxes and file their annual report. Only 491 responded, and on November 9, 1974, a total of 19,438 corporations were dissolved. The move to dissolve inactive corporations came as a response to Utah having a reputation as the "stock fraud capitol of the nation," due to the difficulty for inactive corporations to dissolve voluntarily, which required a formal judgment from a court. (Provo Daily Herald, November 14, 1973; December 11, 1974)

Potential Research

Research the records held by the Utah Division of Archives and Records Service (archives.utah.gov), for the 1903 period for possible documentation of the transfer of corporation records from Salt Lake County to the State of Utah, in the following records series:

The List

44-A Utah, Nevada & California Railroad (first)
63 Denver & Pacific Railway
65 Utah Southern & Castle Valley Railway
69 Echo & Park City Railway
82 Utah Eastern Railroad (second)
96 Utah Railway (first) (also 4322)
101 California Central Railway - Utah Division (also 4512)
163 Price River & Pleasant Valley Railway (also 4316)
176 Utah & Northern Railway
222 Utah & Wyoming Railway (second) (also 4318)
246 Salt Lake & Fort Douglas Railway (file includes file for the reorganized Salt Lake & Fort Douglas Railway of 1884)
270 Utah & Wyoming Central Railway (also 4320)
412 Ogden & Wyoming Railway (also 4314)
420 Salt Lake Valley & Eastern Railway (also 4323)
442 Rio Grande Pacific Railway
452 Salt Lake & Los Angeles Railway (first)
486 Ogden Union Railway & Depot Co. (also 4324)
487 Salt Lake & Eastern Railway
491 Summit County Railway & Transportation Co. (also 4329)
499 Emery County Railway (also 4326)
509 Deseret Railway (also 4327)
510 Salt Lake, Nevada & California Railway
513 Utah & Arizona Railway (also 4328)
536 Utah Western Railway (second)
544-B Utah, Nevada & California Railroad (second)
565 Rio Grande Western Railway
579 Oregon Short Line & Utah Northern Railway (includes files for Ogden & Syracuse Railway; Salt Lake & Western Railway; Utah Central Railway; and Utah Central Railway-Pleasant Valley Branch)
624 Ogden & Hot Springs Railway
671 Utah, Nevada & California Railroad (third)
673 Wyoming & Western Railway (also 4334)
687 Provo City Railroad - Provo Street Railway (also 4337)
693 Salt Lake & Eastern Railroad (also 4338)
714 Ogden & Cache Valley Railroad (also 4339)
721 Popperton Place & Fort Douglas Rapid Transit Co. (also 4340)
797 Great Salt Lake & Hot Springs Railway (also 4341)
806 East Bench Scenic Railway (also 4342)
820 Tintic Railway (also 4356)
830 Ogden Electric Railway
879 Ogden City Street Railway
882 Castle Valley Railway (first) (also 4352)
904 Sevier Railway (also 4355)
909 Utah, Nevada & California Railway (first)
910 Tintic Range Railway (also 4354)
931 Great Western Railway (also 4345)
949 Utah & Wyoming Railroad (also 4353)
976 Saltair Railway
1075 Salt Lake, Hailey & Puget Sound Railroad (also 4344)
1126 Salt Lake & Wyoming Railroad (also 4359)
1154 Corinne, Malad Valley & Northern Railroad (also 4358)
1155 Utah, Nevada & California Railway (second)
1254 Utah Midland Railway (second) (also 4321)
1267 Wyoming & Utah Railroad (also 4361)
1408 East Tintic Railway
1412 Cedar City Terminal Railway (also 4363)
1439 New East Tintic Railway (also 4368)
1464 Salt Lake & Mercur Railroad (also 4362)
1483 Grass Creek Terminal Railway (also 4364)
1740 Utah Midland Railroad (includes file for Utah Midland Railway (first))
1749 Utah & California Railway (also 4365)
1804 Salt Lake & Pacific Railway (also 4357)
2145 Utah Eastern Railway (second)
2146 Utah Central Railroad (second)
2265 Utah & Pacific Railroad
2375 Duchesne Railway
2566 Salt Lake City Railroad (also 4347)
2677 Valley Railway Company of Utah
2749 Carbon County Railway (first)
2810 Salt Lake Valley Railway
2928 Ogden & Lucin Railroad
3028 Castle Valley Railway (second)
3147 Copper Belt Railroad
3233 Consolidated Railway & Power Co.
3531 Milford & Beaver Railroad
3662 Salt Lake & Utah Valley Railroad
3730 Salt Lake & Brigham City Electric Railway
3854 Salt Lake & Suburban Railway
4050 Malad Valley Railroad
4281 Little Cottonwood Railroad
4282 Salt Lake City & Manti Railroad
4283 Bingham Canyon Railroad
4284 Salt Lake City & Salina Railroad
4285 Salt Lake City & Salina Railroad, Branch
4286 Juab, San Pete & Sevier Railroad
4287 Lehi & Tintic Railroad
4288 Southeastern Railroad Company of Utah
4289 Salt Lake & Echo Railroad
4290 Salt Lake, Bingham & Tintic Railroad
4291 Bingham Canyon & Camp Floyd Railroad
4292 Iron Mountain & Utah Valley Railroad
4293 Salt Lake City & Bingham Railroad
4294 Utah Eastern Railroad (first)
4295 Salt Lake & Coalville Railroad
4296 Utah Western Railway (first)
4298 Big Cottonwood Railroad
4299 Utah Southern Railroad Extension (first)
4300 Salt Lake & Ogden Railway (first)
4302 Oquirrh Railway
4303 Utah Coal, Coke & Railway Co.
4304 Utah Southern Railroad Extension (second)
4305 Utah Southern Railroad
4306 Salt Lake, Jordan & Bingham Railway
4307 Summit County Railway
4308 Utah Southern & Castle Valley Railway
4309 Salt Lake & Park City Railway
4310 Utah & Wyoming Railway (first)
4311 Utah & Nevada Railway
4312 California Central Railway - Utah Division (also 101)
4313 Price River Railway
4314 Ogden & Wyoming Railway (also 412)
4316 Price River & Pleasant Valley Railway (also 163)
4317 Salt Lake Eastern Railway
4318 Utah & Wyoming Railway (second) (also 222)
4320 Utah & Wyoming Central Railway (also 270)
4321 Utah Midland Railway (second) (also 1254)
4322 Utah Railway (first) (also 96)
4323 Salt Lake Valley & Eastern Railway (also 420)
4324 Ogden Union Railway & Depot Co. (also 486)
4325 Utah Central Railway (second)
4326 Emery County Railway (also 499)
4327 Deseret Railway (also 509)
4328 Utah & Arizona Railway (also 513)
4329 Summit County Railway & Transportation Co. (also 491)
4330 Wyoming, Salt Lake & California Railway (second)
4332 Ogden City Railway
4333 Salt Lake Rapid Transit Co.
4334 Wyoming & Western Railway (also 673)
4335 West Side Rapid Transit Co.
4336 Salt Lake Valley & Eastern Railroad
4337 Provo City Railroad - Provo Street Railway (also 687)
4338 Salt Lake & Eastern Railroad (also 693)
4339 Ogden & Cache Valley Railroad (also 714)
4340 Popperton Place & Fort Douglas Rapid Transit Co. (also 721)
4341 Great Salt Lake & Hot Springs Railway (also 797)
4342 East Bench Scenic Railway (also 806)
4344 Salt Lake, Hailey & Puget Sound Railroad (also 1075)
4345 Great Western Railway (also 931)
4347 Salt Lake City Railroad (also 2566)
4348 Utah Northern Railroad (includes file for Utah & Northern Railroad)
4349 Salt Lake, Sevier Valley & Pioche Railroad
4350 American Fork Railroad
4351 Utah, Idaho & Montana Railroad
4352 Castle Valley Railway (first) (also 882)
4353 Utah & Wyoming Railroad (also 949)
4354 Tintic Range Railway (also 910)
4355 Sevier Railway (also 904)
4356 Tintic Railway (also 820)
4357 Salt Lake & Deep Creek Railway
4358 Corinne, Malad Valley & Northern Railroad (also 1154)
4359 Salt Lake & Wyoming Railroad (also 1126)
4360 Salt Lake & Ogden Railroad
4361 Wyoming & Utah Railroad (also 1267)
4362 Salt Lake & Mercur Railroad (also 1464)
4363 Cedar City Terminal Railway (also 1412)
4364 Grass Creek Terminal Railway (also 1483)
4365 Utah & California Railway (also 1749)
4366 Salt Lake & Ogden Railway (second)
4367 Salt Lake & Pacific Railway (also 1804)
4368 New East Tintic Railway (also 1439)
4373 Ogden & Northwestern Railroad
4644 Utah Light & Railway Co.
4988 Newhouse, Copper Gulch & Sevier Lake Railroad
5351 Coal Belt Railway
5370 Chicago & Pacific Railway
5666 Utah & Idaho Railroad
6130 Eureka Hill Railway
6383 Salt Lake City Union Depot & Railroad Co.
6542 Bingham Central Railway
6549 Southern Utah Railroad
7037 Bingham & Garfield Railway
7257 Tooele Valley Railroad
7779 Helper Western Railway
7857 Salt Lake & Idaho Railroad
7906 Castle Valley Railroad
8633 Alta & Jordan Valley Railroad
8702 Utah & Grand Canyon Railroad
9102 Ballard & Thompson Railroad
9369 Utah Coal Railway
9449 St. John & Ophir Railroad
9971 Salt Lake & Utah Railroad (first)
10268 Salt Lake & Alta Railroad
10380 Salt Lake Terminal Co.
10792 Salt Lake Light & Traction Co.
10845 Utah Light & Traction Co.
10870 Utah Idaho Central Railroad (second)
11388 Alta-Cottonwood Transportation Co.
12185 Deep Creek Railroad
12256 Little Cottonwood Transportation Co.
13120 Ogden Rapid Transit Co.
13570 Cache Valley Railroad
13600 Goshen Valley Railroad
13794 Logan Rapid Transit Co.
14205 Salt Lake & Denver Railroad
14254 Utah Rapid Transit Co.
14450 Utah Terminal Railway
14701 Salina Utah Railroad
15038 Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad (includes file for Sevier Valley Railway)
15468 Carbon County Railway (second)
17714 Utah Idaho Central Railroad (third)
22364 Salt Lake & Utah Railroad (second)
22644 Bamberger Railroad
22887 Utah Idaho Central Railroad (fourth)

Not Assigned Index Number

The following companies apparently were not assigned a Utah corporate index number:

Alta Scenic Railway

Bamberger Electric Railroad

Belt Line Railroad

Boston Consolidated Mining Co.

California Short Line Railway

Castle Valley Railway (third)

Central Pacific Railway

Central Pacific Railroad Co. of Utah

Coalville & Echo Railroad

Crescent Mining & Milling Co. (mining company)

Crescent Mining Co. (mining company)

Denver Pacific Railroad

Denver & Rio Grande Western Railway

Eastern Utah Railroad (?)

Emigration Canyon Railroad

Grand Valley, Colorado & South Pacific

Great Salt Lake & Colorado River Railway

Inland Railway

Interurban Construction Co.

Kenilworth & Helper Railway

Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad

National Coal Railway

Nevada-Utah Mines & Smelters (mining company)

Ogden, Logan & Idaho Railway

Oregon Short Line Railroad

Portland, Dalles & Salt Lake

Promontory Development & Transportation Co.

Iron County Railway

Utah Central Railroad (third)

Salt Lake, Fillmore & Kanosh Railroad

Salt Lake, Garfield & Western Railway

Salt Lake & Los Angeles Railway (second)

Salt Lake & Payson Railway

Salt Lake & Sioux City

Salt Lake Southern Railway

Salt Lake & Western Railway (first)

San Juan Railroad

San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad

San Pete Valley Railway

Union Iron Co. (mining company)

Union Pacific Railroad

Utah Central Railroad (first)

Utah & Colorado Railroad

Utah Copper Co. (mining company)

Utah Eastern Railway (first)

Utah Idaho Central Railroad (first)

Utah Interurban Railroad

Utah Interurban Electric Co.

Utah Iron Ore Corporation (mining company)

Utah & Pleasant Valley Railway

Utah Railroad & Mining Co.

Utah Railroad, Mining & Land Co.

Utah Railway (second)

Wasatch & Jordan Valley Railroad (first)

Wasatch & Jordan Valley Railroad (second)

Western Pacific Railroad

Western Pacific Railway