Railroads of Utah

1929, Merged and Obsolete Companies

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Source: Poor's Investment Trusts; Railroad Section, for 1929, August 1929, 62nd Annual Number

(Research completed on October 9, 1981; summary first typed on October 9, 1981)

Company Name Company Disposition
Cache Valley Railroad abandoned in 1927
Carbon County ____ to Denver & Rio Grande
Castle Valley Railroad road dismantled
Castle Valley to Denver & Rio Grande
Copper Belt to Denver & Rio Grande
Denver & Rio Grande Railroad to Denver & Rio Grande Western
Emigration Canyon abandoned
Eureka Hill private road
Goshen Valley Railroad not in operation
Grass Creek Terminal to Union Fuel Co.
Helper & Western to National Coal
Little Cottonwood Transportation Co. sold
Malad Valley to Oregon Short Line
Newhouse, Copper Gulch & Sevier Lake road abandoned
Ogden, Logan & Idaho to Utah Idaho Central
Rio Grande Western to Denver & Rio Grande
Salt Lake & Alta to Denver & Rio Grande
Salt Lake & Idaho to Oregon Short Line
Salt Lake & Los Angeles to Salt Lake, Garfield & Western
Salt Lake & Mercur rails taken up
Salt Lake & Utah Valley out of business
San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake to Los Angeles & Salt Lake
San Pete Valley to Denver & Rio Grande
Sevier to Denver & Rio Grande
Southern Utah road abandoned
Tintic Range to Denver & Rio Grande
Union Fuel Co.'s Railroad to Union Pacific
Utah Central to Denver & Rio Grande
Utah Eastern to Denver & Rio Grande