Non-Utah Railroads, Incorporated In Utah

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Caliente & Pioche Railroad

Organized: June 1, 1906


June 8, 1906 - with Salt Lake County
June 8, 1906 - with Secretary of Utah

Utah index number: 5727

Dissolved: November 9, 1914 (involuntary)

Capital stock: $300,000 (3,000 shares @ $100)


From a point on the San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad in Lincoln County, Nevada, by the most feasible and favorable route to Pioche, having a terminus in Caliente, thence northwest through Lincoln County to a terminal point at or near Pioche, a distance of about 30 miles.

Incorporators and directors:

W. H. Bancroft SLC 1 Vice President
W. H. Bancroft, as trustee   147  
E. Buckingham SLC 1  
E. Buckingham, as trustee   147  
T. H. Knickerbacker SLC 1  
C. O. Whittemore SLC 1  
J. Ross Clark SLC 1 President
Pennel Cherrington SLC 1  
W. H. Comstock     Secretary
William H. Leete     Treasurer

Reference Notes:

W. H. Bancroft was general manger of Oregon Short Line Railroad.

J. Ross Clark was an officer of San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad, and son of Senator Clark.

Grading for line was begun by Oregon Short Line Railroad

Construction began in February 1907 and was completed in November 1907

Leased to SPLA&SL RR on January 1, 1908

Sold to SPLA&SL RR on March 8, 1909, becoming the Pioche Branch.