Western Pacific in Utah

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Station Summary (West to East)

Western Pacific referred to its line between Wendover and Salt Lake City as the Eighth Subdivision.

In June 1972, the Eastern and Western divisions were consolidated, and the entire railroad operated with a single Consolidated Timetable No. 1. The crew change point at Wendover was eliminated and crews operated the full distance between Salt Lake City and Elko.

Utah/Nevada state line (MP 805.5)

Wendover (MP 806.3)

Blair (MP 808.6)

Silsbee (MP 811.6)

Salduro (MP 815.4)

Arinosa (MP 825.16)

Barro (MP 834.9)

Knolls (MP 845.16)

Clive (MP 854.20)

Argonite (MP 861.5)

Low (MP 866.1)

Low Hill

Marblehead (MP 870.8)

Delle (MP 878.57)

Timpie (Quarry) (MP 885.77)

Ellerbeck (MP 892.9)

Solar (MP 893.3)

Burmester (old location; MP 896.7)

Burmester (new location; MP 897.1)

Burmester was the focal point for WP's operation of locals to the Delle/Rowley, Marblehead, Ellerbeck/Dolomite/Flux, and Warner/Tooele branches. By late 2003, UP's Marblehead Local worked the Ellerbeck Branch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The same local worked the Rowley Branch on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Very rarely did the Marblehead Local go up the Marblehead Branch unless it was to store cars on the branch.

Grants (MP 896.9)

Spray (new location; MP 902.4)

Garfield Pavilion (MP 909.55)

Lakepoint (MP 906.3)

Lago (MP 907.7)

Garfield Pit (Smelter) (MP 911.73)

B&G Crossing (MP 912.1)

Garfield (MP 913.15)

LA&SL Connection (MP 913.6)

Saltus (MP 915)

Fox (MP 920.8)

Terminal (MP 922.07)

Buena Vista (MP 924.3)

LA&SL Crossing (MP 926.3)

Jordan River (MP 926.4) (not a formal station)

OSL Crossing (MP 926.7)

WP-UP Junction (MP 926.7)

Pollard Junction (MP 927.2) (later shown as 8th West)

D&RGW Crossing (MP 927.3)

End of WP track (MP 928.0)

Until completion of Grant Tower in 1948, this joint WP-D&RGW trackage was part of the Salt Lake Union Station joint trackage. D&RGW passenger trains used this joint trackage from Union Station to its line to Ogden, running north-south in Sixth West (700 West).

The 1948 construction of Grant Tower moved D&RGW's line east to parallel UP's line, with the connecting and crossing trackage being the purpose of Grant Tower. D&RGW Ogden-bound trains then stayed in Fourth West (500 West), moving past the tower building itself, which was in the middle of a wye. A new track ownership agreement put in place with the completion of Grant Tower, did away with the joint WP-D&RGW trackage that was the south leg of the wye, designating the west curb line of Fourth West (500 West) as the separation point.


WP track profiles, furnished by John Ryczkowski

UP track profiles, dated January 1985, showing former WP trackage, with WP mile posts

WP Eastern Division Employee Timetables

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