Western Pacific in Utah

This page was last updated on July 1, 2016.

WP in Utah

East of Wendover, Timeline -- A timeline of events for Western Pacific in Utah

East of Wendover, Station Summary -- A station summary of Western Pacific in Utah

Western Pacific Branches in Utah -- Information about Western Pacific's Utah branches.

WP Employee Timetables -- A listing of all employee timetables, Eastern Division and Western Division.

A Brief History -- A brief history of Western Pacific Railroad, taken from a promotional brochure dated November 1973.

WP Locomotive Information

WP Locomotive Roster After UP Merger -- A roster of WP's locomotives at the time of the merger with UP in January 1983.

WP Locomotive Roster Notes -- Additional information about the WP diesel locomotive fleet after the UP merger.

WP Locomotive Dispositions -- Dispositions of WP diesel locomotives after the UP merger, up to 1987. (from CTC Board, August 1987)