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Rio Grande in Utah

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This group of pages includes information about Denver & Rio Grande, and all its variations -- D&RG, RGW, and D&RGW.

Rio Grande in Utah, before 1908

Denver & Rio Grande Railway (in Colorado) ( 1870-1880) -- Information about D&RG in Colorado, before it came to Utah.

Scofield Railroads -- Information about the three railroads controlled by Charles W. Scofield; controlled by D&RGW in 1880 and sold to D&RGW in 1882-1883.

Denver & Rio Grande Western Railway (1881-1889) -- Information about the original Rio Grande lines in Utah, until the organization of the Rio Grande Western

Rio Grande Western Railway (1889-1908) -- Information about the D&RGW after it was reorganized to be converted to standard gauge.

Rio Grande in Utah, after 1908

Rio Grande In Utah 1908 to 1988 -- An index page of information about Denver & Rio Grande in Utah, from 1908 to the SP merger of 1988.

Rio Grande In Utah 1988 to 1996 (as part of SP) -- A chronological listing and research notes of events and history on D&RGW trackage and locations in Utah from 1988 to 1996. I call this Rio Grande's Merger Era. This was when D&RGW was associated with Southern Pacific.

Rio Grande In Utah After 1996 (as part of UP) -- A chronological listing and research notes of major events on and around former D&RGW trackage and locations, after control of D&RGW and SP by Union Pacific in September 1996.

Ogden Gateway Case -- Information about the series of ICC orders, and court decisions that directly affected D&RGW and its interchange partners at Ogden, Utah.

Other Rio Grande in Utah Information

Rio Grande Western, Standard Gauged (1890) -- Information from the January and November 1890 issues of Railroad gazette, about the RGW being converted to standard gauge.

Rio Grande, West Of Grand Junction -- A summary of all of the Rio Grande stations and sidings along Rio Grande's main line in Utah. (incomplete, work continues)

Rio Grande in Utah - Branchline Summary -- A summary of all of the Rio Grande branch lines in Utah.

Rio Grande In Utah - Sunnyside Branch -- Information about Rio Grande's Sunnyside Branch in eastern Utah.

Rio Grande's Salt Lake City Yards -- Information about the main yard in Salt Lake City, and the later Roper yard.

Rio Grande's Roper Yard -- An article by Paul Welsh, describing Roper yard where he worked in 1959-1965.

D&RGW System Maps -- Single page images of various D&RGW system maps

D&RGW Condensed Track Profiles -- Pages form D&RGW's Condensed Profile books for the Salt Lake Division in 1923 and 1934, and for the entire system in 1969.

D&RGW Employee Timetables -- A summary of D&RGW's Utah lines by using the employee timetables from 1938 through to the SP era after 1988.

D&RGW Utah Industry Trackage -- A series of track diagram maps showing D&RGW industry trackage in Utah (and Colorado).

"When Thistle Vanished" -- An article by Hol Wagner about the Thistle slide of April 1983, taken from Trains magazine, July 1983. (used with the author's permission)

Copper Plant Accident -- The ICC report of the March 5, 1912 accident at the Copper Plant Spur, just north of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Cuprum Accident -- The ICC report of the February 15, 1912 accident at Cuprum Yard, in Bingham Canyon, Utah.

Thistle Accident -- The ICC report of the October 14, 1914 accident at Thistle, Utah.

Soldier Summit Accident -- The ICC report of the October 16, 1917 accident at Soldier Summit, Utah.

Rio Grande in Utah, General Notes

Utah Copper Trackage Agreements -- Information about joint trackage agreements between D&RGW and Utah Copper, transcribed from Agreement cards on file at D&RGW Utah Division offices in August 1983

Rio Grande Rail Trail -- Lynn Arave's article in Deseret News about the Rio Grande Rail Trail in Davis and Weber counties.