Rio Grande Diesel Locomotives

This page was last updated on March 19, 2022.

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Roster Listing

Rio Grande Diesel Locomotive Roster -- An index page for a complete roster listing of D&RGW's diesel locomotive fleet, from 1941 to eventual retirement and disposition by Union Pacific.

Rio Grande Diesel Roster Notes -- A page about the use of steam generators, and external changes to the carbodies on D&RGW F units.

Rio Grande Diesel Roster Sources -- A list of sources used to compile the accompanying D&RGW diesel locomotive roster.

Rio Grande Motive Power Chronology -- A chronological listing of D&RGW standard gauge steam and diesel locomotive purchases and retirements from 1941 to 2002.

Rio Grande Diesel Locomotive Paint Schemes -- A narrative of the colors and paint schemes used by D&RGW for its diesel locomotive fleet.

How Many EMD F5s Did Rio Grande Have? -- A page that discusses the interim F5 locomotive from EMD, and its place in D&RGW diesel locomotive history.

Rio Grande FS and FT Locomotives -- A page about D&RGW's FS locomotives delivered in 1942 and 1943, and FT locomotives delivered in 1944.

EMC's FT Locomotive -- A discussion of EMC's FT locomotive by Wallace Abbey, former EMD employee.

Rio Grande's F3s and GP7s -- A discussion about modeling D&RGW's F3s and GP7s.

Rio Grande's SD40T-2s -- A compiled listing of features of D&RGW's SD40T-2 Tunnel Motors, from the online D&RGW discussion group.

D&RGW Locomotives on UP -- A list of D&RGW locomotives and their corresponding UP road numbers.