Rio Grande Steam Locomotives

This page was last updated on February 13, 2023.

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Steam Roster Information

The following pages are based on the research and compiled data from George Pitchard.

D&RGW Predecessors in Utah (1872-1882) (BC&CF, W&JV, U&PV)

D&RGW (1881-1889)

RGW (1889-1900) (NG only)

RGW (1889-1908) (SG only)

Rio Grande Steam Locomotive Rosters By RGM&HS

The following links are for the steam locomotive rosters of the defunct RGM&HS website at, captured in 2016.

Steam Locomotive Rosters Index (Defunct RGM&HS) -- Links to rosters of steam locomotives of all D&RG/RGW/D&RGW subsidiary and branch roads.

D&RG 1873-1924 Index (Defunct RGM&HS) -- Links to 18 separate pages of roster listings.

D&RGW 1924-1956 Index (Defunct RGM&HS) -- Links to 16 separate pages of roster listings.

D&RGW (Utah) 1881-1889 (Defunct RGM&HS) -- Roster listing for the Utah lines.

Rio Grande Western 1889-1908 Index (Defunct RGM&HS) -- Links to 7 separate pages of roster listings.

Other Information

Russian Iron -- A page with information about Russian Sheet Iron, as used on steam locomotive boiler jackets, including D&RG/RGW/D&RGW.

Rio Grande Motive Power Timeline -- A chronological listing of D&RGW standard gauge steam and diesel locomotive purchases and retirements from 1941 to 2002.

Rio Grande Shay Locomotives -- A roster listing of the five Shay locomotives operated by Rio Grande in Bingham Canyon, Utah, formerly the Copper Belt Railroad.

Overfire Jets -- Information about the use of overfire jets on D&RGW steam locomotives.