UtahRails Manuscripts

This page was last updated on July 6, 2012.

This page has links to scanned versions of the important works (published and unpublished) that have been completed about Utah railroads. Each has been scanned and formatted for electronic publication.

Unpublished Academic Works

Adkins -- Marlowe C. Adkins' "A History Of John W. Young's Utah Railroads, 1884-1894," completed in 1978.

Johnson -- David F. Johnson's "The History And Economics Of Utah Railroads," completed in 1947.

Reeder -- Clarence A. Reeder's "The History Of Utah's Railroads, 1869 - 1883," completed in 1970. (Together with Leonard Arrington's Great Basin Kingdom, this was the seed that started my interest in Utah railroads in 1977-1978.)

Other Works

Pitchard -- Research completed by George Pitchard during the 1980s and 1990s, and self-published as his "Utah Railroads Scrap Book" project. (All of George Pitchard's research has been fully incorporated into the applicable pages here at UtahRails.net)

Ira Swett's Interurbans of Utah -- A digital version of Ira Swett's classic work that documented Utah electric interurban railroads. (Sorry, no photos)

Papers by Don Strack

Don Strack attended University of Utah during the early 1980s, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography and History. Here are some of his research papers.

Union Pacific Land Grants -- A research paper written in March 1982 while attending "Introduction to Expository Writing" during my second quarter.

The Golden Pass; a history of transportation in Parleys Canyon -- A research paper written in March 1983 as a combined project while attending Dean May's "Utah History", Merrill Ridd's "Elements of Cartography", and Albert Fisher's "Utah Geography." A full color map was also included as part of the project, showing all of the railroads and highways in Parleys Canyon.

Railroads of North Africa -- A research paper written in June 1984, while attending James King's "Regions of Africa."

(An associated project was a 40 minute presentation about the TanZam Railway of eastern Africa that connected Tanzania and Zambia for the purposes of moving copper to the east coast of Africa. Sad to say, the presentation was not recorded and the notes have not survived.)

Railroads of Central and Southern Africa -- A research paper written in August 1984 as my senior "Individual Project" with James King as my advisor.