A Utah Railroad Scrapbook, Index

By George E. Pitchard

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As of June 28, 2011, all of the information contained in George Pitchard's "Utah Railroads Scrapbook" manuscript, as well as his "Newspaper Notes Project," has been fully incorporated in the applicable files for each railroad covered by his research.

As limited research in the pre-1900 era has been completed, much of Mr. Pitchard's excellent research has been verified using either the Utah Digital Newspapers Project (https://digitalnewspapers.org/), or digital newspapers available from the paid-access site Newspapers.com

Table of Contents


Table of Contents (this page)

Introduction and Forward (September 1987, March 1988, and November 1989 editions)

List of Narrow Gauge locomotives in Utah, 1871 - 1875

Newspaper Notes, Introduction

Archive -- A separate index page for summaries completed by George Pitchard in 2004 and 2005.


George Pitchard prepared detailed locomotive rosters, and associated histories, for each of the following railroads.

As with the newspaper research (above), each of George Pitchard's histories and locomotive rosters for individual railroads have been incorporated into the applicable railroad's information at UtahRails.net.

American Fork Railroad (1872-1878)

Bingham Canyon & Camp Floyd Railroad (1872-1881)

Crescent Mining Company's Tramway (1882-1900)

Denver & Rio Grande Western Railway (1881-1889)

Eureka Hill Railway (1907-1937)

Great Salt Lake & Hot Springs Railway (1891-1896)

Little Cottonwood Transportation Company (1910-1924)

New East Tintic Railway (1896-1900)

Newhouse, Copper Gulch & Sevier Lake Railroad (1903-1915)

OSL&UN narrow gauge Garfield Line (1889-1903)

OSL&UN standard gauge (1889-1897)

OSL standard gauge (1897-1959)

Rio Grande Western Railway, 3' gauge (1889-1900) - Standard Gauge (1889-1908)

Saltair Railroad (1891-1892)

Salt Lake & Alta Railroad (1913-1917)

Salt Lake & Eastern Railway (1888-1890)

Salt Lake & Fort Douglas Railway (1883-1897)

Salt Lake & Los Angeles Railway (1892-1916)

Salt Lake & Mercur Railroad (1894-1913)

Salt Lake & Ogden Railway (1896-1917)

Salt Lake, Sevier Valley & Pioche Railroad (1871-1874)

San Pete Valley Railway (1874-1908)

St. John & Ophir Railroad (1912-1938)

Summit County Railroad (1871-1881)

Tooele Valley Railway (1908-1982)

Utah & Nevada Railway (1881-1889)

Utah & Northern Railway (1878-1889)

Utah & Pleasant Valley Railway (1875-1881)

Utah Central Railroad (1897-1908)

Utah Central Railway (1890-1897)

Utah Central Railroad (1869-1881)

Utah Eastern Railroad (1879-1887)

Utah Northern Railroad (1871-1878)

Utah Southern Railroad - Utah Southern Railroad Extension (1870-1881)

Utah Western Railway (1874-1881)

Utah Western Railway (1889)

Wasatch & Jordan Valley Railroad (1872-1882)

Extracts from letters, telegrams, etc., in John W. Young collection