Los Angeles & Salt Lake in Utah

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Overview and Timeline

LA&SL In Utah, South of Salt Lake City -- Tracks owned by LA&SL; all UP lines south and west of Salt Lake City (leased to UP in 1936; merged with UP in 1987)

Research Notes

Compiled from handwritten notes, dating from 1978-1988, with recent updates from other material.

Most of the original information here was transcribed from handwritten notes taken while doing research in the files of UP's engineering department during 1982-1983, then compiled as a computer file in 1988, with additions through September 1994. Other updates and additions made after creation of web page in 2015.

The notes from the early 1980s were completed prior to the closure of UP's engineering office in Salt Lake City in about 1984. All files and most personnel were moved to Omaha in 1983-1984. The office was located in the Utah Division offices in the former depot annex building, just south of Union Pacific's Salt Lake City depot. The building was demolished in 1999 to make room for The Gateway Project.

LA&SL Locations

(Salt Lake City and South)

LA&SL at Garfield

(from LA&SL drawing 1512-D, Company Lands at Garfield, Utah, September 1909, examined during August 1981)

LA&SL at Stockton, Utah

LA&SL at Faust

LA&SL at Lynndyl

(from LA&SL CE drawing 54626, dated February 20, 1946)

LA&SL at Delta

LA&SL at Milford

(from LA&SL CE drawing 80773, dated November 25, 1953; also LA&SL drawing 5236, dated December 1902; both examined during August 1981)

LA&SL Branches

(listed alphabetically)

LA&SL Cedar City Branch

Completed in 1925; expanded to additional iron mines in 1934; portions in Cedar City abandoned east of I-15 in 2013.

(Read more about the iron mines at Cedar City)

(Read more about LA&SL's Cedar City Branch)

LA&SL Delta Branch

Built in 1915-1916; abandoned and removed in 1932-1934.

(Read more about LA&SL's Delta Branches)

LA&SL Fairfield Branch

Built in 1882 by Salt Lake & Western Railway; became part of OSL&UN in 1889; to OSL in 1897; to SPLA&SL in 1903; to LA&SL in 1916.

(Read more about the Salt Lake & Western Railway)

LA&SL's Fairfield Branch was abandoned in three segments:

(Read more about LA&SL's Fairfield Branch)

LA&SL Fillmore Branch

Built in 1922; abandoned and removed in 1983-1984.

(Read more about LA&SL's Fillmore Branch)

LA&SL Frisco Branch

Built in 1880; abandoned and removed in 1942.

(Read more about LA&SL's Frisco Branch)

LA&SL Hinkley Branch

Built in 1918; abandoned and removed in 1932-1934.

(Read more about LA&SL's Delta Branches)

LA&SL Iron Mountain Branch

(see Cedar City Branch, above)

LA&SL Nephi Plaster Mill Spur

Purchased from D&RGW in 1948, upon the abandonment of their San Pete Valley Branch, Nephi to Ephraim.

Nephi to Plaster Mill, 1.9 miles

Retired by LA&SL in December 1953, Work Order 5272

UP operated the line as its Nephi Plaster Mill Spur until October 1953, when it was retired and removed. The spur ran down the middle of Nephi's main east-west thoroughfare, First North Street, which was also designated as Utah Highway 132. The state highway department wanted the tracks removed to allow improvements along the state highway.

LA&SL Newhouse Extension

LA&SL Tintic Branches

(Read more about the LA&SL branches in the Tintic area)