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These companies were incorporated in Utah, and this information was recorded (unless noted) while researching railroads incorporated in Utah at the offices of the Utah Secretary of State in 1979-1982.

(Read about why thousands of Utah corporations were dissolved on November 9, 1974)

Mining Companies

Black Hawk Coal Co.

Utah Index Number: 9026

Organized: February 13, 1911

Filed: March 14, 1911 - in Nevada

Filed: March 31, 1911 - in Utah

Dissolved: November 9, 1974 (involuntary)

Capital stock: $300,000

Number of shares: 30,000 @ $10.00

Purpose: ... owning, equipping, and operating coal mines, coal lands and coke ovens, railroads and other means of transportation…as well as engaging…in the building, constructing, and operating of railroads used in whole or in part in connection with, or incidental to such coal mines, coal lands and coke ovens

Incorporators and Directors:

Daniel Heiner Morgan 100 702 (12/28/1911) Pres.
Daniel Heiner, as trustee   23,100    
James A. Anderson M organ 100 1,942  
John Heiner Morgan 100 868  
George H. Tribe Ogden 100 2,808  
M. s. Browning Ogden 100 1,840  
David Eccles Ogden 100 2,708  
Joseph Scowcroft Ogden 100 1,460  
John Pingree Ogden 100 1,248  
E. s. Rolapp Ogden 100 (500 12/28/1911)  

On August 29, 1913, The Utah Company held 25,130 shares of 25,180


in Township 15 South, Range 8 East (320 acres)

in Township 16 South, Range 8 East (723.16 acres)


- stockholders as of December 28, 1911:

Daniel Heiner 702
James A. Anderson 1,942
John Heiner 868
George H. Tribe 2,808
M. S. and J. M. Browning 1,840
David Eccles 2,708
Joseph Scowcroft 1,460
John Pingree 1,248
E. S. Rolapp 500
Adam Patterson 1,560

Boston Consolidated Mining Co.

Utah Index Number: 2319

Incorporated: December 4, 1897 - in New York



Dissolved: November 9, 1974 (involuntary)

Capital stock: $ 1,000,000

Number of shares: 10,000 @ $100

Purpose: to mine, process, and sell gold, silver and other ores


George E. Armstrong, Boston

Wilson P. Marchbank, Brooklyn

William C. Taylor, Brooklyn


Agent in Utah: Thomas Weir of Salt Lake City as of October 26, 1898

- incorporated in New York again, December 6, 1898

- amended February 25, 1901 to change agent in Utah to Robert J. Cole of Salt Lake City

- amended July 8, 1907 to change agent in Utah to Lafayette Hanchett of Salt Lake City

Castle Valley Coal Co.

Utah Index Number: 7854

Organized: July 12, 1909

Filed: July 19, 1909 - in Wyoming

Filed: August 9, 1909 - in Utah

Dissolved: October 1, 1920 (by Moroni Heiner; filed: November 26, 1920 - in Wyoming)

Capital stock: $5,000,000

Number of shares: 1,000,000 @ $5.00


- to do a general coal and coke business

- to build, own and operate…tramways, electric or steam railways for use of the company and not as a common carrier

Incorporators and Directors:

James H. Mays SLC 104,167 Pres.
Moroni Heiner Morgan 104,167 Vice Pres.
A. J. Orem SLC 104,167 Vice Pres.
W. C. Orem SLC 104,167 Treas.
W. V. Price SLC 104,166  
W. C. Orem, as trustee   104,166  
James H. Mays, as trustee   75,000  


all in Township 16 South, Range 8 East


- amended April 13, 112 to increase capitol stock to $7,500,000 (1,500,000 @ $5.00)

- filed: June 10, 1912 in Wyoming

- filed June 19, 1912 in Utah

(View a sketch of the Castle Valley Coal property in 1911)

Consolidated Fuel Company

Utah Index Number: 6618

Organized: October 16, 1907

Filed: October 17, 1907

Dissolved: May 9, 1925 (voluntary) (United States Smelting, Refining and Mining Company shown as the sole stockholder)

Capital stock: $2,500,000

Number of shares: 1,000,000 @ $2.50

Purpose: …to operate railways and tramways…


all in Township 15 South, Range 8 East

Incorporators and directors:

J. H. R. Franklin SLC 21,240 Pres.
John DeGrey Dixon Provo 20,800 Vice Pres.
Jesse R. Shreck Pocatello, Idaho 43,200 Sec.
Fredrick w. Francis SLC 42,400 Treas.
Clarence H. Post Aberdeen, Idaho 86,500  
George S. Payne SLC 52,600  
J. E. McKnight SLC 5,000  
C. T. Lemley SLC 7,560  
L. P. Elliott SLC 7,200  


- amended February 18, 1911 to decrease capitol stock to $2,000,000 (2,000,000 @ $1.00)

- amended August 24, 1911 to assist the Southern Utah Railroad to build line from Consolidated Fuel Company coal lands to the mainline of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad

- amended April 14, 1914 to change officers

(View a sketch of the Consolidated Fuel property in 1907)

Cottonwood Granite Company

Utah Index Number: 9972

Organized: February 14, 1913

Filed: February 14, 1913 - in Salt Lake County

Filed: February 15, 1913 - in State of Utah

Capitol Stock: $50,000 (50,000 @ $1.00)

Incorporators and Directors:

James H. Skillicorn 6,250 Pres.
Edward T. Ashton 6,249 Vice pres.
Rodney Ashton 1 Sec.
James B. Whyte 6,250 Treas.
George S. Ashton 6,250  

Purpose: ... to acquire lease, and to option to purchase Wasatch Placer Mines No. 1 through No. 14, in Little Cottonwood canyon, from Ashton-Whyte-Skillicorn Company, lease bearing date of August 8, 1912

Independent Coal and Coke Co.

Utah Index Number: 6054 (429 in Wyoming)

Organized: October 1 3, 1906

Filed: October 22, 1906 - in Wyoming

Filed: December 22, 1906 - in Utah

Dissolved: withdraws authority to do business in Utah, March 8 , 1968

Capital stock: $1 ,000,000

Number of shares: 1,000,000 @ $1.00


- to carry on a general coal and coke business

- to build, own, and operate…tramways, electric or steam railways…or other means of transportation.

Incorporators and Directors:

W. C. Orem SLC 75,000 Pres.
C. N. Strevell SLC 50,000  
James H. Patterson SLC 50,000  
L. Pearse London, England 1,000  
Richard P. Morris SLC 20,000  
A. J. Orem Boston, Mass. 74,000  
L. H. Curtis SLC 120,000 Sec., Treas.
Fredrick A. Sweet SLC 110,500 Vice Pres.
Foster J. Curtis SLC 8,250  


- in Township 13 South, Range 10 East

- in Township 13 South, Range 9 East


- amended January 4, 1913 to increase capital stock to $ 1,150,000 (1,150,000 @ $1.00)

- amended September 23, 1920 to increase capital stock to $2,500,000 (2,500,000 @ $1.00)

- amended December 28, 1956 to change wording of purpose of corporation, (but no change in actual purpose)

(View a sketch of the Independent Coal and Coke property in 1906)

Lion Coal Company

Utah Index Number: 9782

Organized September 18, 1912

Filed: September 19, 1912 - in Weber County

Filed: October 7, 1912 - in State of Utah

Capital Stock: $1,000,000 (10,000 @$100)

Incorporators and Directors:

David Eccles Ogden 1,875 Dir.
David Eccles, as trustee   2,106-1/2  
M. S. Browning Ogden 937-1/2 Dir., Vice Pres.
W. H. Wattis Ogden 656-1/2 Dir., Vice Pres.
E. O. Wattis Ogden 656  
Henry H. Rolapp Ogden 187-1/2 Dir., Pres.
Henry H. Rolapp, as trustee   300  
R. Y. Gibson Rock Springs 150 Dir.
E. S. Rolapp Ogden 94 Sec.
John Watson Ogden 93-1/2 Dir., Treas.
John Pingree Ogden 93-1/2  
Joseph A. West Ogden 86-1/2  
Thomas D. Dee Co. Ogden 187-1/2  
Charles Kaiser Ogden 112-1/2  
D. R. Pingree Ogden 18-1/2  
P. A. Dix Ogden 56  
W. F. Burton Ogden 37-1/2  
James F. Burton Ogden 56-1/2  
H. C. Marchant Ogden 37-1/2  
A. A. Shaw Ogden 37-1/2  
L. R. Eccles Ogden   Dir.
    Total 7,750  


Lots 1-16, Section 12, Township 19 North, range 105 West in Sweetwater County, Wyoming

Remarks: ... consolidated with Wattis Coal Company on May 29, 1919

National Coal Company

Utah Index Number: 14229

Organized: January 2, 1920

Filed: January 12, 1920

Dissolved: November 9, 1974 (involuntary)

Capital stock: $1,500,000

Number of shares: 1,500,000 @ $1.00


- to purchase the lands and coal deposits of the National Fuel Company, which are in Carbon County, for a $600,000 bond

- to construct, improve, operate or maintain a railroad from its lands and mines to either the Utah Railway or the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad or both

- to have authority to pledge its credit or to loan money to the Helper Western Railway


all in Township 13 South, Range 8 East, 1,243 acres

- the following parcels subject to An Act of Congress, March 3, 1909, Chapter 270, Statute 35, line 844, all in

Township 13 South, Range 8 East

Incorporators and directors:

F. A. Sweet SLC 1,496,500 Pres.
C. N. Strevell SLC 500 Vice Pres.
L. H. Curtis SLC 500  
C. T. Worley SLC 500  
George S. Payne SLC 500 Sec., Treas.
John F. Williamson SLC 1,000  
F. J. Curtis SLC 500  


- amended August 28, 1936 to decrease capital stock to $500,000 (500,000 @ $1.00)

(View a sketch of the National Coal property in 1920)

Newhouse Mines & Smelters Company


Filed: May 16, 1903

Utah Index Number: 4450

Union Pacific Coal Company

Organized: September 17, 1890


Utah index number: 1011


Capital stock: $20 million (20,000 @ $100.00)


"In Wyoming and elsewhere" "coal and stone mines and lands"

Incorporators and directors:

Charles F. Adams President
John H. Tebbets Vice President
James G. Harris Secretary
Alexander Millar Treasurer

Utah Iron Ore Corporation

Organized: December 24, 1923

Filed: December 31, 1923 - with Salt Lake County

Utah index number: 16095

Dissolved: December 27, 1950

Filed with Salt Lake County on December 28, 1950

Involuntary dissolution on April 17, 1940; reinstated on March 12, 1941; reinstated again on May 22, 1950.

Board of directors voted to dissolve the corporation on October 30, 1950; the only assets were $8,657.00 in cash.

Capital stock: $100,000 (100,000 @ $1.00)


To do general mining business, including development and operation of mining claims and mining properties (including coal lands and lands containing all forms of hydrocarbons, iron ore and other metals of all classes, the sampling of ores and reduction of ores by milling, concentration, smelting or other means. Also to construct, or otherwise acquire private railroads and roadways for the transportation of ores, freight and other materials and to operate same by steam, electricity of other power...

Incorporators and directors:

A. C. Milner SLC 10 President
A. C. Milner, as trustee SLC 89,960  
Clarence E. Milner SLC 10 Vice President
Jay S. Milner SLC 10 Secretary, Treasurer
E. S. Pratt SLC 10  
George C. Stephens San Francisco 10,000  


This corporation shall receive and hold as full payment of and for its entire capital stock the following described property:

- the assignment and transfer to this corporation by Milner Corp. (of Utah) of two certain contracts, both dated February 1, 1923 under which International Smelter Co. (of Montana) and United States Smelting, Refining & Mining Co. (of Maine) agreed to purchase from said Milner Corp. a certain amount of iron ore owned by said Milner Corp. and contained within the confines of the hereinafter described property

- a certain lease between this corporation and the Milner Corp. dated December 24, 1923, for a period of 25 years, the following described iron ore properties known as the Desert Mound Group of 34 patented mine claims located in the Iron Springs District in Iron County, Utah

Wattis Coal Co.

Utah Index Number: 12741

Organized: May 31, 1917

Filed: June 6, 1917


Capital stock: $800,000 (800,000 @ $1.00)


Incorporators and Directors:

E. O. Wattis Ogden 199,998 Pres.
E. O. Wattis, as trustee   400,000 (treasury stock)
M. S. Browning Ogden 199,997 Vice Pres.
L. R. Wattis SLC 1 Vice Pres.
Mariner Browning Ogden 1 Treas.
L. F. Rains SLC 1  
W. H. Wattis Ogden 1  
W. H. Harris Ogden 1  


in Township 15 South, Range 8 East


- consolidated with Lion Coal Co. to form a new Lion Coal Co. on May 29, 1919

- Wattis Coal Co. shareholders got 21/4000 for each of their shares

Lion Coal Co. was another Eccles/Browning/Wattis company organized in September 1912 to cover their interests in Sweetwater County, Wyoming.

Weber Coal Company

Utah Index Number: 1961

Organized: November 13, 1896

Filed: November 13, 1896


Capital stock: $800,000 (800,000 @ $1.00)


Incorporators and Directors:

Robert C. Chambers SLC Pres.
Lenuel U. Colbath SLC Vice Pres.
Thomas J. Almy SLC Sec. Treas.
Charles L. Rood SLC  
Walter Almy SLC  

Section 3, Township 2 North, Range 5 East in Summit County

E-1/2 of NE-1/4, E-1/2 of SE-1/4 Section 4, Township 2 North, Range 5 East in Summit County

Other Companies

Armor Car Lines Company

Utah Index Number: 8547


Filed: August 16, 1910


Dissolved: November 9, 1974 (involuntary)

Geneva Steel Company

Utah Index Number: 23786


Filed: August 25, 1943


To United States Steel Corporation on December 31, 1951

Knight Investment Company

Utah Index Number: 5894


Filed: November 10, 1906


To Atlas Realty & Investments, Inc.

Reference Notes:

Owned and operated Shay locomotives.

Lagoon Amusement Company

Utah Index Number: 18345

(Also Lagoon Resort Company; index 18346)


Filed: February 23, 1928


Dissolved: July 30, 1941 (involuntary)

Lagoon Resort Company

Utah Index Number: 4240

Organized: April 30, 1902 - in Wyoming

Filed: May 13, 1902 - in Wyoming

Dissolved: July 19, 1927

For failure to pay license tax in home state.

Filed in Utah on December 5, 1928

Capital Stock: $50,000 (5,000 @ $10.00)


For the purchasing, owning, holding, developing, establishing and maintaining a park and pleasure resort at or near the town of Farmington, Davis County, Utah.

Incorporators and directors:

John S. Critchlow President
Charles Boylin Vice President
Alfred D. Pierson Secretary, Treasurer

Lake Park Resort Company

(The following comes from Salt Lake Herald, June 26, 1886)

Utah Index Number:


Filed: June 26, 1886


Capital Stock: $100,000 (10,000 @ $10.00)


The pursuit and business of the corporation shall be to provide, establish, maintain and carry on bathing resorts, and establishments, pleasure and summer resorts, and places of resort and amusement of all kinds, wherein and whereat all lawful games, sports and amusement, recreations and other diversions may be provided by the company for the public at large and private parties seeking the same; to establish hotels, boarding and lodging houses, etc.

Incorporators and directors:

W. H. Bancroft President 1 share ($10)
Simon Bamberger Vice President 2,500 shares ($25,000)
F. R. Morris Secretary  
Thomas R. Jones Treasurer  
Chas. W. Bennett   2 shares ($20.00)
Jacob E. Bamberger   2,499 shares ($24,990)
George Goss   4,998 shares ($49,980)

Remarks: The amount of capital stock is represented by and consists of the aggregate valuation of 120 acres of improved real estate, with a water frontage on Great Salt Lake of 240 rods (3,960 feet, 3/4 mile), about two and a half miles west of Farmington in Davis County, and of an extensive and valuable water right apportionment of said premises, and other privileges of value, which property has been acquired and is held by and in the name of Jacob E. Bamberger, in trust, to convey to the corporation on the completion of the organization, said Bamberger, agrees to convey all said property to the corporation.

Lynndyl Townsite Company

Utah Index Number: 7818


Filed: March 1, 1910

Remarks: Formerly Millard Townsite Company; to Lynndyl Townsite Company on July 20, 1909

Morse Brothers Machine & Supply Company

Utah Index Number: 17907


Filed: March 18, 1927


Revoked in 1931

Morton Salt Company

Utah Index Number: 13519


Filed: September 19, 1918


Reorganized as Utah index 16547 on August 15, 1924

Reorganized again as Utah index 039014 (date unknown)

National Park Transportation & Camping Company

Utah Index Number: 12728


Filed: June 1, 1917


To Zion's National Park Company on April 24, 1922.

Ogden Electric Company

Utah Index Number: 7076


Filed: August 3, 1908


Expired on August 3, 1958

Saltair Beach Company

Utah Index Number: 928


Filed: June 8, 1891


Expired on June 8, 1941

Simon Bamberger Company

Utah Index Number: 4435


Filed: July 1, 1903


To Lagoon Company on February 7, 1941, which was later involuntarily dissolved on December 5, 1946.

Utah Construction Company

Utah Index Number: 2792


Filed: January 9, 1900


Reorganized in Delaware on January 31, 1957

Utah Power & Light Company

Utah Index Number: A313


Filed: December 30, 1899


Reorganization of Union Power & Light Company

To Utah Light & Railway Company on January 2, 1904