Out Of State Railroads Incorporated in Utah

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The following railroad companies were identified in various indexes as being incorporated in Utah, but operated outside of the state.

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Caliente & Pioche Railroad 1906-(?) (in Nevada)
Denver Northwestern & Pacific 1902-(?) (in Colorado)
Eureka-Nevada Railway 1912-1941 (in Nevada)
Eureka & Palisade Railway 1901-1912 (in Nevada) (to Eureka-Nevada Ry.)
Fort Collins, North Park & Salt Lake City Railroad (in Colorado)
Las Vegas & Tonapah Railroad 1905-(?) (in Nevada)
Mount Hood Railroad 1905-1968 (in Oregon)
National Railroad Company of Mexico 1902-(?)
Searchlight & Northern Railroad 1905-(?) (in Nevada)
Southern Pacific Co. 1885-1963 (in California)
Uintah Railway 1904-(?) (in Colorado and Utah)