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Utah Fuels the West

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Utah's coal industry and the railroads that served it

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Introduction -- General information and background for Utah's coal industry.

Early Coal Discoveries -- Information about Utah's early coal mines from the 1840s to the late 1890s, including the early mines in Coalville, San Pete, and the original Winter Quarters mine. Also includes information about the formation of the Price and Helper town sites and Pleasant Valley Coal Co.

Utah's Coal Companies -- An alphabetical listing of known coal companies in Utah (both retail and wholesale companies), along with the coal mines and their locations. Both railroad and wagon/truck mines are included.

Utah Coal Men -- Biographical summaries of the men who created Utah's coal industry. (incomplete, more to come)

Utah Fuel Company -- Information about Utah Fuel Company, later operating as Kaiser Coal Company.

Utah Fuel Company was an unorganized subsidiary of Denver & Rio Grande railroad from 1883 until about 1899, operating as the Pleasant Valley Coal Company, or as the Utah Coal & Coke Company. It was formally organized in 1899, and separated from D&RG in 1918, during the railroad's receivership and reorganization in 1921. Utah Fuel was sold to Kaiser Steel in 1950, and portions were sold to Independent Coal & Coke in 1951.

United States Fuel -- Information about the mines of United States Fuel Company, the 1916 merger of Consolidated Fuel, Castle Valley Coal and Black Hawk Coal companies, served by Utah Railway after 1914.

Utah Railway -- Information about Utah Railway as part of the coal mines that the company served beginning in 1912.

Summit County Coal Mines -- Information about Summit County coal mines from research in the Summit County courthouse.

Deserado Coal Mine -- Information about the Deserado coal mine in western Colorado that furnishes coal to the Bonanza Power Station in eastern Utah. The coal is transported via the Deseret Railway, formerly known as the Deseret Western Railway.

Intermountain Power Project -- Information about the history and organization of the Intermountain Power Agency and its Intermountain Power Project power plant near Delta, Utah, and its rail operations.

Amax, Cyprus Amax and RAG American Coal -- Information about the Amax, Cyprus Amax and RAG American Coal ownership of the Wattis and Willow Creek coal mines.

Thirty Years of Coal Mining -- A digital version of a book about coal mining, published in July 1946 by United States Fuel Company. (PDF; 32 pages; 7.2MB)

Miscellaneous Utah Coal Notes -- Miscellaneous notes about non-railroad coal mines and proposed railroads, including the Southern Utah Fuel (SUFCO) mine in Salina Canyon, and the Soldier Canyon mine in Dugout Canyon that loaded coal at Banning on D&RGW's Sunnyside Branch.

Coal Mining In Carbon County

(Following entries sorted alphabetically)

Black Hawk Coal Company -- Information about the Black Hawk Coal Co. mine at Black Hawk, later known as Hiawatha or King Mine, sold to United States Fuel Company, served by Utah Railway.

Carbon County Newspapers 1904-1946 -- an index of research in the various newspapers of Carbon County, including entries from the University of Utah Special Collections Coal Index, compiled by Floyd A. O'Neil and his staff at the university's American West Center.

Carbon County Railway Mines - Information about the Columbia Steel (later U. S. Steel) mines at Columbia and Horse Canyon, including Carbon County Railway.

Castle Gate Mines -- Information about the Utah Fuel Company coal mines in the area of Castle Gate, including the Willow Creek, Panther, New Peerless, Rolapp, Cameron, and Hardscrabble mines.

Columbia Coal Mine -- Information about the Columbia mine, served by Carbon County Railway.

C. V. Spur -- Information about the coal preparation and unit train loading site southeast of Price, Utah. (incomplete, research continues)

Geneva Mine -- Information about the Geneva mine in Horse Canyon, operated by U. S. Steel and served by Carbon County Railway.

Gordon Creek Canyon  -- The coal mines in Gordon Creek canyon, and the railroad that served them, originally known as the National Coal Railway (later Utah Railway).

Hiawatha Mines -- Information about the mines in Miller Creek Canyon, 1907-1916, including the original Consolidated Fuel mine at East Hiawatha or Old Hiawatha, and Southern Utah Railroad. (Read about United States Fuel after the 1916 merger)

Horse Canyon Mine -- Information about the Geneva mine in Horse Canyon, operated by U. S. Steel and served by Carbon County Railway.

Kaiser Coal Company at Sunnyside -- After Kaiser bought the Sunnyside mine in 1943, it became a dedicated coal mine that furnished coal solely to Kaiser Steel Company.

Kaiser Unit Coal Trains -- Information about the unit coal trains operated from Kaiser's Sunnyside coal mine, to Kaiser Steel Corporation's steel plant in Fontana, California.

Kenilworth Mines -- Information about the mines at Pennyworth mines served by Kenilworth & Helper Railway and D&RGW.

Kinney No. 2 -- Information about the new Kinney No. 2 mine, in Pleasant Valley near Scofield, at the location of the original Union Pacific mine, first developed in the 1880s. (Read about the Union Pacific coal mine)

Lila Canyon -- Information about the proposed Lila Canyon mine, south of the former Geneva mine in Horse Canyon.

Mohrland Mine -- Information about the mines in Cedar Creek Canyon, 1906-1916, including the original Castle Valley Coal Co. mine at Mohrland, and Castle Valley Railroad (later Utah Railway). (Read about United States Fuel after the 1916 merger)

Panther Mine -- The coal mine at Panther, near Castle Gate; opened in 1912, closed in 1937.

Pleasant Valley Coal Mines -- Information about the Utah Fuel Company coal mines in Pleasant Valley, including Scofield, Winter Quarters, and Clear Creek, also the later Skyline Mine, served by D&RGW.

Sego Mine - Information about the Sego Mine at Ballard in eastern Utah, served by Ballard & Thompson Railroad and D&RGW.

Spring Canyon Mines -- Information about the mines in Spring Canyon, served by D&RGW and Utah Terminal Railway (later Utah Railway).

Sunnyside Mines -- Information about the mines at Sunnyside, served by D&RGW; owned by Utah Fuel from 1899 to 1943, then by Kaiser Steel from 1943 to 1991.

Wattis Mine -- Information about the Lion Coal Co. mine at Wattis, served by Utah Railway.

Wellington Coal Wash Plant -- Information about U.S. Steel's coal washing plant at Wellington, Utah.

Wildcat Loadout -- Information about the coal loadout at Utah Railway's Wildcat Siding.

Other Information

Loading Coal -- Brief (and incomplete) comments about the methods of loading coal into rail cars.


Utah Coal -- Google maps of the sites and locations for Utah coal mines and rail loadouts.


Utah Coal Bibliography

More Information

Utah Geological Survey Coal page -- An index page for coal information at the State of Utah's Division of Natural Resources.

Utah DNR Coal Site Info -- Information about coal mine sites in Utah, at the State of Utah's Division of Natural Resources

Utah Railway -- Information about Utah Railway, known as Utah Coal Railway for a very brief time.