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Union Pacific Steam Locomotives

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Roster Listings

Union Pacific Steam Locomotive Roster -- A full and complete roster listing of Union Pacific's steam locomotives from 1864 to 1962.

Gordon McCulloh and I have pooled our resources and put together an all-time roster listing of Union Pacific's steam locomotives, from 1864 to 1962, including all of the road's predecessors and subsidiaries of the same time period.

Heritage Fleet Steam Locomotives -- Information about the steam locomotives UP has kept to honor its heritage, includes information about UP 844, 3985 and 4014.

Union Pacific Common Standard Steam Locomotives -- A listing taken from two UP drawings of 1940 and 1942, showing all classes of steam locomotives on Union Pacific and its OSL, OWRR&N and LA&SL subsidiaries.

Union Pacific, Not In Utah -- An index page for Union Pacific predecessor and subsidiaries, not in Utah.

Painting and Lettering

Union Pacific Steam Locomotive Painting and Lettering -- An index page for paint schemes used on UP's steam locomotives.

Other Information

Union Pacific Steam Locomotive Notes -- General information about UP's steam locomotives.

Union Pacific After 1936 -- A brief review of changes in Union Pacific's organization that took effect on January 1, 1936.

Smoke Stacks -- Information about the large exhaust stacks unique to many of Union Pacific's steam locomotives; designs that accompanied the use of annular port "Sweeney" nozzles in the 1930s, and multiple jet nozzles in the 1940s.

Smoke Deflectors -- Information about the use of smoke deflectors on Union Pacific steam locomotives. Includes a link to photographs and drawings.

Smoke Lifters -- Information about the use of smoke lifters ("Wind Wings") on Union Pacific steam locomotives. Includes a link to photographs and drawings.

Union Pacific Steam Tenders -- Roster listings and other information about some of UP's steam locomotive tenders.

Union Pacific Articulateds -- An article by Richard Cole, originally presented in Western Prototype Modeler, May-June 1975.

War Babies -- Information about Union Pacific's ex C&O and ex N&W locomotives, known as "War Babies," purchased at the end of World War II to ease the handling of wartime traffic.

Two-Tone Gray Challengers -- Information about the 10 UP 4-6-6-4 Challenger locomotives that received UP's two-tone gray paint scheme.

Union Pacific Steam Locomotive Wheel Arrangements -- Information about the wheel arrangements of Union Pacific steam locomotives.

Union Pacific's 2-8-2 Mikado Locomotives -- Information about Union Pacific's 2-8-2 Mikado and MacArthur steam locomotives.

Union Pacific 9000-Class Locomotives -- A brief history of Union Pacific's 9000-class 4-12-2 locomotives, including the eight (of 88 total) "Bald Faced Nines."

Super 800s -- Information about the proposed designs for new 4-8-4s in 1942, 1945, and 1947.

UP 800-class 4-8-4s On Cajon -- Information about the use of Union Pacific 800-class steam locomotives on Cajon Pass in southern California.

Union Pacific MP&M Men -- Brief biographical information about the men in UP's Motive Power & Machinery department (under construction).

Burning Coal On The San Pedro -- An article about the use of coal on the San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad.

Burning Coal On The Oregon Short Line -- Brief comments about burning coal on the OSL. Initially written in answer to an email question.

UP's Shay Locomotives -- Information about Union Pacific three Shay locomotives, assigned to the Tintic mining district in central Utah.

Streamlined Steam Locomotives -- Information about Union Pacific's two Streamlined steam locomotives, 4-6-2 no. 2906 and 4-8-2 no. 7002.

Union Pacific Steam Locomotive Assignments in 1949 -- A listing of Union Pacific steam locomotive assignments as of January 31, 1949, based on a list published more than 20 years ago in The Streamliner in 1985.

Union Pacific Steam Locomotive Assignments in 1950 -- A listing of Union Pacific steam locomotive assignments as of January 1, 1950, based on a list published more than 20 years ago in The Streamliner in 1986.

Union Pacific Steam Locomotive Bibliography -- A listing of Union Pacific books and magazine articles.


UP Steam DDR -- Union Pacific steam locomotives, photos from the collections of Dave England, Dean Gray, and Ralph Gochnour (955 black & white photos)

UP Steam Locomotives -- Photos by Union Pacific Railroad; gathered from numerous sources from 1972 to 1988, with additional prints acquired during 2014 (207 photos).

Steam Locomotive Chronology

1915-1933 -- Steam Era (Steam only)

1934-1962 -- Late Steam Era (Steam and Diesel)


A History Of Union Pacific Steam -- Information about obtaining a copy of Gordon McCulloh's recent 328-page book about Union Pacific steam locomotives in the period after 1915. This is an excellent book, and every fan of Union Pacific steam locomotives should have a copy.

General Steam Locomotive Information

Steam Locomotive Builders -- An index page for information about steam locomotive builders.

Steam Locomotive Sounds -- An index of steam locomotive sounds, including Union Pacific steam locomotives.

More Information

Newspaper Items -- Brief summaries of locomotive information taken from Salt Lake City, and Utah and Idaho regional newspapers, 1877-1900

Union Pacific Shay Locomotives -- An article about UP's Shays, assigned to the Tintic (Utah) Subdivision

Union Pacific, Not In Utah -- Information about the companies and subsidiaries that added to UP's locomotive fleet, and to its system of branchlines.

Random Notes

March 28, 1954
"UP Diesel Conversion Now Tops 99 Per Cent" "Union Pacific freight trains are now 99 per cent converted to diesel, C. C. Larkin, Idaho division superintendent, reported yesterday." "The railroad is going to continue changing to diesel the remaining passenger and mail trains not yet dieselized, Larkin said." "Engines are being sent to Portland to chnage to diesel the Portland-Pocatello trains, Larkin said." "Only two local freight trains are still steam powered, Larkin said. They are the Ashton-Victor train and the Shoshone-Ketchum-Hill City train." "There are about 110 steam engines stored here. 'This is more than have ever been stored here or any other place I know,' Larkin said." (Idaho State Journal [Pocatello], March 28, 1954)