Denver & Rio Grande Western

This page was last updated on December 20, 2023.

Rio Grande in Utah -- An index page for D&RGW's history in Utah.

Rio Grande Diesel Locomotives -- An page with a wide variety of information about D&RGW's fleet of diesel locomotives, including a full roster and complete paint scheme data.

Rio Grande Steam Locomotives -- An index page for D&RGW steam locomotive information.

Rio Grande Freight Cars -- Brief notes about selected D&RGW freight cars.

Rio Grande Cabooses -- An index page for D&RGW standard-gauge cabooses, both wooden and steel.

Rio Grande Passenger Cars and Trains -- An index page about Rio Grande standard gauge passenger cars and trains, 1887-1987.

Rio Grande Industry Trackage -- A series of track diagram maps showing D&RGW industry trackage in Utah and Colorado.

Rio Grande "Official Roster" -- A digital version of the 1923 issue of D&RGW's "Official Roster," produced by the railroad's auditing department to comply with rules of the federal ICC to account for all assets as part of the overall valuation of the railroad. The 162-page book includes a listing of all stations on the railroad, along with listings of all equipment and other facilities. (PDF; 162 pages; 49MB)

Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society

Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society -- Keep the story alive with membership in the Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society. The society publishes a quarterly magazine called "The Prospector."