Union Pacific Business Cars and Heritage Fleet

Name To Number Cross Reference

This page was last updated on September 15, 2023.

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Following is a list of the named cars in Union Pacific's Business cars and Heritage Fleet, with a cross reference to their numbers.

Car Name Car Number Previous Number Type Car Description
Airslie UPP 100 (2nd) SP 100 "Airslie" HW Business
Arden (2nd) UPP 5449 UP 5449 LW Business
Art Lockman UPP 6334   LW Tool Car
Cabarton UPP 202   LW Crew Car
Cedar River C&NW 450   LW Diner
Challenger (1st) UPP 5486   LW Coach
Challenger (2nd) UPP 7015   LW Dome Coach
Cheyenne UPP 103 UP 106 (3rd) LW Business Car
Chicago C&NW 401   HW Business Car
City of Angels UPP 2986 SP 289 LW Lounge
City of Denver UPP 5011   LW Diner Lounge
City of Los Angeles (1st) UPP 4810   LW Diner
City of Los Angeles (2nd) UPP 4808   LW Diner
City of Portland UPP 8008   LW Dome Diner
City of Salina UPP 5486 Challenger (1st) LW Chair
City of San Francisco (1st) UPP 5468 Columbine (1st) LW Coach
City of San Francisco (2nd) UPP 9009   LW Dome Lounge
Colorado Eagle UPP 8004   LW Dome Diner
Columbia River (2nd) UPP 314   LW Crew Sleeper
Columbine (1st) UPP 5468   LW Coach
Columbine (2nd) UPP 7001   LW Dome Coach
Council Bluffs UPP 5769 UP 904286 LW Baggage Recreation Car
(Dallas) UP 105 (4th) T&P (MP) 10 HW Business Car
Eagle MP 11   LW Staff Sleeper
Feather River UPP 114 UP 114 (3rd) LW Business Car
Fox River UPP 420 C&NW 420 LW Inspection Car
Golden State Limited UPP 5714 Pony Express LW Baggage Recreation
Green River (2nd) UPP 1602 Sun Isle LW Deluxe Sleeper
Harriman (1st) (3rd) UPP 9004   LW Dome Lounge
Harriman (2nd) UPP 9005   LW Dome Lounge
Houston (1st) UP Houston MP 8 HW Business Car
Houston (2nd) UPP 105 UP 105 (5th) LW Business Car
Howard Fogg UPP 209 UP 304 LW Power Car
Idaho UPP 203 Sun Lane LW Inspection Car
Katy Flyer UPP 5468 City of San Francisco (1st) LW Coach
Kenefick UPP 119 UP 100 (6th) LW Business Car
Lake Bluff UPP 413   LW Deluxe Sleeper
Lake Forest UPP 412   LW Deluxe Sleeper
Lake Geneva C&NW 411   LW Sleeper
Lake Mead UPP 5548   LW Deluxe Sleeper
Lake Mendota C&NW 414   LW Sleeper
Lake Michigan C&NW 410   LW Sleeper
(Lewa) MKT Lewa   HW Business Car
Lincoln UPP 101 Lone Star LW Business
Little Rock (1st) MP 2   LW Business Car
Little Rock (2nd) UPP 315 North Platte (2nd) LW Crew Sleeper
Lone Star UPP 101 Pocatello LW Business Car
Lynn Nystrom UPP 5714 Golden State Limited LW Baggage Recreation
Minnesota C&NW 403   HW Business Car
Missouri River Eagle UPP 7011   LW Dome Diner
National Command UP 1202   LW Sleeper
North Platte (2nd) UPP 315   LW Crew Sleeper
North Platte (3rd) UPP 104 UP 104 HW Business Car
Oakland SP 141   HW Business Car
Oak Creek C&NW 490   F3B Power Car
Omaha (2nd) UPP 200 Sun Rest LW Deluxe Sleeper
Oregon SP 106   HW Business Car
Overland UPP 302   LW Diner Lounge
Pacific Limited UPP 4003   LW Kitchen
Pocatello UPP 101   LW Business Car
Pony Express (1st) UPP 5714 Western Lodge LW Baggage Recreation
Pony Express (2nd) UPP 5817 UP 903678 LW Baggage Recreation
Portland Rose UPP 5473   LW Coach
Portola UPP 1610   LW Deluxe Sleeper
Powder River (1st) C&NW 421   LW Dome Lounge (Full Dome)
Powder River (2nd) UPP 1605   LW Deluxe Sleeper
Promontory (1st) UPP 5779   LW Museum Car
Promontory (2nd) UPP 5752 UP 904277 LW Union Pacific Experience (2019)
Reed Jackson UPP 5818   LW Concession Car
Selma UPP 115 MP 3 SL-HW Business Car
Sherman Hill UPP 5818   LW Concession Car
Shoshone UPP 106 UP 106 (2nd) HW Business Car
St. Louis (1st) MP 1   HW Business Car
St. Louis (2nd) UPP 102 UP 102 (5th) LW Business Car
Stanford UPP 140 SP 140 "Stanford" HW Business Car
Sunset UPP 150 SP 150 "Sunset" (2nd) LW Business Car
Sunshine Special UPP 5480   LW Coach
Sun Valley (1st) UPP 9004   LW Dome Lounge
Sun Valley (2nd) UPP 6203   LW Lounge
Texas Eagle UPP 5483   LW Coach
Walter Dean UPP 9005   LW Dome Lounge
Western Lodge UPP 5714   LW Baggage Recreation Car
Western Star UPP 5779   LW Museum Car
Willie James UPP 202   LW Crew Car
Wyoming UPP 201 Sun Lake LW Deluxe Sleeper