Union Pacific Steel Cabooses

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Steel Caboose Features -- A comparison of steel caboose features.

Steel Caboose Trucks -- Information about the trucks used on UP's steel cabooses.

Other Steel Caboose Features -- A comparison of steel caboose features, including Trust Plates, Roof Panels, Battery Box/Tool Box, Roller Bearings

System-Wide Pool Service -- Information about how steel cabooses were used acrosss the Union Pacific system.

Steel Caboose Retirements

Steel Maintenance-of-Way Cabooses

Union Pacific Cabooseless Operations

UP Steel Caboose Research Questions

Special Service Cars -- Notes about special cars that started out as cabooses, including UPP 400 and 401, UPP 430, and the MP 7500 series.

UP Steel Cabooses in 2002 and after -- Information about UP's cabooses fleet after 2002, including former C&NW and SP/D&RGW cabooses.

Roster Of Steel Cabooses

Class CA-3 (25000-25099) (built in 1942 as UP 3700-3799)

Class CA-4 (25100-25199) (built in 1944 as UP 3800-3899)

Class CA-5 (25200-25299) (built in 1952 as UP 3900-3999)

Class CA-6 (25300-25399) (built in 1955 as UP 2700-2799)

Class CA-7 (25400-25499) (built in 1959)

Class CA-8 (25500-25599) (built in 1964)

Class CA-9 (25600-25699) (built in 1967)

Class CA-10 (25700-25749) (built in 1975)

Class CA-11 (25800-25899) (built in 1979)

Class CA-13 (24500-24629) (to UP in 1980, ex Rock Island)

Roadway (903001-906258)

Steel Caboose Narrative Histories

First Steel Cabooses

Class CA-3 (1942)

Class CA-4 (1944)

Class CA-5 (1952)

Class CA-6 (1955)

Class CA-7 (1959)

Class CA-8 (1964)

Class CA-9 (1967)

Class CA-10 (1975)

Class CA-11 (1979)

Class CA-12 (1980)

Class CA-13 (ex-Rock Island)

Steel Roadway Cabooses

Other Steel Cabooses

Missouri Kansas Texas Steel Cabooses

Missouri Pacific Steel Cabooses (Class CA-19 To CA-35)

Mount Hood Steel Cabooses

Rock Island Steel Cabooses

Spokane International Steel Cabooses

Western Pacific Steel Cabooses (Class CA-14 To CA-18)