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Union Pacific Wooden Caboose Index

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Wooden Caboose Number Series

UP Wooden Caboose Number Series -- Use this page as an index, with links to each caboose type and number series.

Wooden Caboose Rosters

Wooden Caboose Rosters -- An index page for an edited and updated version of the wooden caboose rosters from the UP caboose book; includes additional information that didn't make it into the book.

Wooden Cabooses in 1942 -- when the first steel cabooses arrived.

Wooden Cabooses in 25000-series -- The remaining 75 wooden cabooses were renumbered in 1962-1965.

Wooden Caboose Retirements

Wooden Caboose Information

The Historical Era

The Railroad Caboose

Early Union Pacific's Wooden Cabooses

1885 Renumbering Plan

Non Common Standard (N.C.S.) Designs

Early Subsidiary Cabooses

Oregon Short Line (OSL)

Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf (UPD&G)

Oregon Railway & Navigation (OR&N)

Los Angeles & Salt Lake (LA&SL)

Standard CA and CA-1 Wooden Cabooses

Class CA (1905-1913)

Class CA-1 (1914-1925)

Comparing the two CA and CA-1 designs

Renumbering Wooden Cabooses to 25000-series

Wooden Caboose Features

Wooden Caboose Trucks

List of dates for individual cabooses

Side Door Cabooses

Straight-Sided Cupolas

High Cupolas

Wooden Caboose Modernization Programs

Steel Underframe Reinforcement

Steel Sheathing

Plywood Sheathing

CA-2 Class

Replacement Cabooses

Specialty Wooden Cabooses

Wooden Box Car Cabooses

Wooden Temporary Cabooses (including full roster listing)

Drover Cabooses

UP 2022-2088 (converted coaches, no roster data available)

OSL 2700-2708

LA&SL 3484-3492

LA&SL 3493-3499

Transfer Cabooses

UP 3275-3282

UP 3283-3299

LA&SL 3300-3304

UP 25902-25931

Other Wooden Cabooses

Mount Hood

Pacific & Idaho Northern

St. Joseph & Grand Island

Spokane International

Utah Railway

Caboose Questions

UP Wooden Caboose Research Questions