Union Pacific Wooden Caboose Rosters

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These wooden caboose rosters are taken almost entirely from Union Pacific's Equipment Record ledger book. Additional information has been added from numerous other sources as research uncovers it.

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Union Pacific's Equipment Record ledger book begins with the UP 2000 series. The car ownership records of the subsidiary railroad companies, OSL, OWR&N, and LA&SL, were kept separately by those companies until the records were consolidated sometime in the late 1940s or early 1950s. The listings for the OWR&N 200-series cabooses, OSL 600- and 700-series cabooses, and UP 1000-series cabooses are taken from the "Converted or Changed From" column on the pages of the equipment record.

The general 1885 renumbering assigned Union Pacific cabooses to the 2000-2499 series, and the renumbering from the 1000-1999 series reflects that general renumbering effort. Some of the cars may not have been cabooses originally. Union Pacific had several passenger coach and chair cars in the 1000 series which were rebuilt to cabooses. Only those cars which were likely to be cabooses due to their 30 feet length are shown, the others more likely being ex-passenger cars. Note that most of the cars were renumbered to the 2000 series during 1885 and 1895.

Early UP and Subsidiary Cabooses

Early UP Cabooses -- Roster listing of early Union Pacific cabooses (before 1885).

Early OSL Cabooses -- Roster listing of early Oregon Short Line cabooses (before 1915).

Early ORy&N Cabooses -- Roster listing of early Oregon Railway & Navigation cabooses (before 1915; to OWRR&N in 1910).

Early SPLA&SL Cabooses -- Roster listing of early San Pedro Los Angeles & Salt Lake cabooses (before 1907; to LA&SL in 1916).

Early UPD&G Cabooses -- Roster listing of Union Pacific Denver & Gulf cabooses (before 1893; to C&S in 1899).

Class N.C.S. (Non Common Standard)

UP 2000-2186

UP 2187-2279

OSL 3000-3054 (includes short cabooses)

LA&SL 3300-3308

LA&SL 3364-3371

OWR&N 3500-3537

Class CA (1907-1913)

UP 2280-2299

UP 2400-2524

OSL 3055-3147

LA&SL 3309-3339

OWR&N 3538-3618

Class CA-1 (1914-1924)

UP 2525-2699

OSL 3148-3192

OSL 3200-3274

LA&SL 3340-3363

LA&SL 3373-3420

OWR&N 3619-3631

Specialty Wooden Cabooses

Wooden Box Car Cabooses

Wooden Box Car Cabooses, Overview

Wooden Temporary Cabooses

Wooden Temporary Cabooses (including full roster listing)

Drover Cabooses

Drover Cabooses, Overview

Transfer Cabooses

Transfer Cabooses, Overview

25000-Series Wooden Cabooses

Roster of Wooden Cabooses in the 25000-series Numbers