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This page was last updated on October 5, 2020.

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Directory Listing

List of timetables available at UtahRails.net

This directory listing is for PDF versions of public and employee timetables from the Don Strack collection, and are presented here as part of the UtahRails.net web site. The directory was created in July 2020.

The Collection

The Don Strack Railroad Timetable Collection contains digital copies of employee and public timetables of Union Pacific and other Utah railroads.

The collection includes 434 issues of Union Pacific employee timetables, and 60 Union Pacific public timetables.

The largest portion of the timetable collection were originally collected by Jim Phelps in the 1940 to 1980 time period, and came into Don Strack's possession in 2017.

ETT = Employee Timetable

PTT = Public Timetable

All timetables are obsolete and out of date; for historical reference only.

The timetables presented here are those that were scanned by Don Strack. Other issues have been scanned by other interested persons, and may also be available by contacting Don Strack.

The actual physical timetables are no longer available and have been passed to several private collections.

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More Information

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