"Rail Views" Videos

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In 1993 to 1996, Union Pacific produced a series of at least 57 videos that were meant to improve internal communication to its employees. Usually viewed by employees at their various team and safety meetings, these videos varied in length from six minutes to 21-1/2 minutes. There were two different hosts, Michael Gorman and Byron Wood.

A large collection of VHS tapes was kept in the media library at the Salt Lake City Shops. When the shops closed in 1998, the tapes were thrown away, but a former employee saw the historical value and stored them at his home garage. The two boxes of VHS tapes passed through at least two different ownerships until late 2012 when they ended up as part of the UtahRails collection. Included in the collection are 40 VHS tapes in the "Rail Views" series. Along with the other VHS tapes, these were digitized as MP4 video files for viewing on modern devices.

Following is a list of known Rail Views tapes:

  Video Number Description Date Length Host
X RV-1-93
1993 Floods; Bob Naro Interview August 8, 1993 12 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-2-93 P-811; Stan McLaughlin Interview 1st Half September 1993 21:30 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-3-93 Coal Business; Bill Nock and Ken Ratcliff Interviews 2nd Half September 1993 19 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-6-93 Pocatello Wheel Shop; Gary North Interview 1st Half November 1993 12 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-7-93 Operation Department Reorganization 2nd Half November 14 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-9-94 Automotive Transportation; DeSoto Shop 2nd Half January 1994 15:30 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-10-94 1993 In Review, 1994 Outlook 1st Half February 1994 13 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-11-94 The Powerbrokers 2nd Half February 1994 20 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-12-94 Harriman Tour 1st Half March 1994 16:30 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-13-94 Operation Lifesaver 2nd Half March 1994 14 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-14-94 Intermodal Operations 1st Half April 1994 15:30 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-15-94 Project Yellow II 2nd Half April 1994 13 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-17-94 Environmental Issues 2nd Half May 1994 13:30 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-18-94 UPGRADE for Employees (no date)(1st Half June 1994) 10 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-19-94 The Baldridge Award Process (no date) 9:30 minutes Dennis Duffy
X RV-20-94 ATCS (no date)(1st Half August 1994) 13:50 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-21-94 Management Development Program (no date)( 2nd Half August 1994) 14 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-22-94 Fiber Optics (no date)(1st Half September 1994) 13 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-23-94 Techno-Babble (no date)( 2nd Half September 1994) 12 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-24-94 Crash Test October 1994 13 minutes  
X RV-25-94 Rail Views Extra - Safety; Jenks Shop November 3, 1994 6:30 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-26-94 Safety for the Season October 1994 "B" 9:15 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-27-94 When Minutes Count (UPS) (no date)(2nd Half November 1994) 13 minutes Michael Gorman
X RV-31-95 Beyond Santa Fe; Mexico Railroads February 1995 "B" 10:20 minutes Byron Wood
X RV-32-95 Power for the 90's March 1995 "A" 6:36 minutes Byron Wood
X RV-33-95 Lathrop Intermodal Yard 1st Half April 1996 5 minutes Byron Wood
X RV-34-95 North Platte Fueling April 1995 "A" 6:10 minutes Byron Wood
X RV-35-95 AC Traction April 1995 "B" 8:20 minutes Byron Wood
X RV-37-95 Safety at DeSoto May 1995 "B" 6 minutes Byron Wood
X RV-38-95 Merger Update (UP-C&NW Merger) (no date) 8:25 minutes Byron Wood
X RV-41-95 Keep On Truckin' July 1995 "B" 7 minutes Byron Wood
X RV-42-95 New Diesel Shop at Neff Yard August 1995 "A" 9:10 minutes Byron Wood
X RV-43-95 Union Pacific's Third Main Line August 1995 "B" 7:42 minutes Byron Wood
X RV-44-95 AEI Readings September 1995 "A" 8:20 minutes Byron Wood
X RV-45-95 BRATS QI Team (Car billing) September 1995 "B" 7:10 minutes Byron Wood
X RV-46-95 BAP Update October 1995 "A" 6:15 minutes Byron Wood
X RV-48-95 1995 Leadership Conference (no date) 10:30 minutes Byron Wood
X RV-49-95 Wet Boxcars (Damage prevention) November 1995 "B" 7:54 minutes Byron Wood
X RV-50-95 Sedalia Signal Shop (no date) 6:15 minutes Byron Wood
X RV-51-96 Electrically Controlled Pneumatic Brakes (no date) 8 minutes  
X RV-53-96 Cleaning Up Las Vegas February 1996 "A" 8 minutes Byron Wood
X RV-54-96 System Gang Success (Safety factors) February 1996 "B" 8:30 minutes Byron Wood
X RV-55-96        
X RV-57-96 Locomotive Improvements May 1996 12 minutes Byron Wood