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Coastal States - Canyon Fuel

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1973 -- Coastal States bought the Sufco coal mine

1996 -- Canyon Fuel was created, 65 percent owned by Arco Coal

1998 -- Arco Coal sold its 65 percent interest to Arch Coal

2004 -- Arch Coal bought Itochu of Japan's 35 percent interest

2013 -- Arch Coal sold Canyon Fuel to Bowie Resource Partners

2018 -- Bowie Resource Partners was reorganized as Wolverine Fuels, LLC

December 1996
Coastal States Energy Company sold its coal mining properties in Utah to Canyon Fuel Company, a new company owned jointly by Arco Coal (65%) and Itochu of Japan (35%).

December 20, 1996
Canyon Fuel Company, a new company owned jointly by Arco Coal (65%) and Itochu of Japan (35%), was the result of the merger of Coastal States Energy Company with four coal mining companies in Utah, including Soldier Creek Coal Company; Sage Point Coal Company; Southern Utah Fuel Company; Skyline Coal Company; along with Coastal Development Company, and Utah Fuel Company. (Utah Division of Oil Gas and Mining, Permit C0070039; Dugout Canyon Mine)

"Effective December 20, 1996, Canyon Fuel Company, LLC was formed as a joint venture between ARCO Uinta Coal Company (65% ownership) and ITOCHU Coal International Inc. (35% ownership) for the purpose of acquiring certain Utah coal operations and an approximate 9% interest in Los Angeles Export Terminal, Inc. from Coastal Coal, Inc. and The Coastal Corporation." (Arch Coal, Inc., SEC Form 10K, dated March 2, 1999)

March 23, 1998
Atlantic Richfield announced that it would sell its coal mining operations in Utah and Colorado to Arch Coal, Inc., for a reported $1.14 billion, making Arch the second largest coal mine operator in the nation, selling 110 million tons of coal per year, about 10 percent of the nation's total. (Deseret News, March 23, 1998)

"Effective June 1, 1998, ARCO Uinta Coal Company's ownership of the Company [Canyon Fuel] was acquired by Arch Western Resources, LLC." (Arch Coal, Inc., SEC Form 10K, dated March 2, 1999)

July 15, 2004
"Arch Coal, Inc. announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Itochu Corporation's 35% interest in Canyon Fuel Company, LLC for a contract price of $112 million. With the completion of this transaction, Canyon Fuel will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Arch Coal." "Canyon Fuel owns and operates two longwall mines in Utah - Sufco in Sevier County and Dugout Canyon in Carbon County. In addition, the company owns the currently idle Skyline mine, which also is located in Carbon County. In total, Canyon Fuel controls approximately 161 million tons of high-quality, low-sulfur coal reserves in Utah. In 2003, Canyon Fuel produced approximately 13.0 million tons of coal." (Arch Coal, Inc., press release dated July 15, 2004, "today")

August 19, 2013
"Arch Coal, Inc. today announced that it has completed the sale of its subsidiary, Canyon Fuel Company, LLC to Bowie Resources, LLC for $423 million in cash. The sale includes the Sufco and Skyline longwall mines, the Dugout Canyon continuous miner operation and approximately 105 million tons of bituminous coal reserves, all located in Utah." (Arch Coal, Inc., press release dated August 19, 2013, "today")

Canyon Fuel Properties


Utah DOGM Coal File 0070034

Opened in 1976 by Soldier Creek Coal Company; closed in 2000 by Arch Coal

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Utah DOGM Coal File 0070039

Development (roads, etc.) started in 1996 by Canyon Fuel; production started in 1998 by Canyon Fuel

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Utah DOGM Coal File 0070005

Development started in 1980; production started in 1982 by Coastal States

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Soldier Canyon

Utah DOGM Coal File 0070018

Development began in 1975; production began in 1976, by Soldier Creek Coal Company

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Utah DOGM Coal File 0410002

Development began in 1910, by Southern Utah Fuel company; production began in 1911; sold to Coastal States in 1973

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